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June 6, 2003

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A Probable Solution

Dhaka is facing a lot of urban problems, mainly traffic congestion. Introduction of Volvo, Nirapad, Premium, etc. has added a new colour to our public transport system, but their ticket counters have largely occupied the footpaths, which in turn creates a problem for pedestrians. The present problem can easily be solved by establishing one ticket counter on the footpath for each station, where tickets of all public transports can be sold. The concerned authorities should take necessary initiatives to overcome the situation immediately.

Md. Moinul Islam, Uttara

Excellent write-up

Each and every parent must read the article “Ease up Mom and Dad”and see what blunders we are making. We should be aware of the problems that are generally being faced and what our next generation needs, rather than what we want our next generation to be. We should learn to give them a little breeze of independence. We have to realise what we used to do back at their age. In those times, there weren't as many coaching centres, such long school hours, and hence, there was enough time to have fun, play around and have healthy gossip with elders. Are we all society drop-outs now? I hope to see further write-ups on these issues.

A Moral Issue

SWM is a popular magazine. Its popularity is increasing by day. It has become the magazine of the people of this country. But on April 17, it published a picture of a model from the Spring Summer Collection shown in Australian Fashion week, which doesn't really match our Bangali ideals and morals. The model might as well have not worn anything at all. Although the dress was well designed and pretty, it was too revealing. This may be considered vulgarity. Please refrain from publishing awkward pictures such as these. They do not represent our norms and ideals.

Md. Jassim Uddin

Sheulimala on Channel-i
Last night, I was eagerly sitting before the TV set to watch the dramatic performance of Nazrul's popular story 'Sheulimala' scheduled to be aired on Channel-i. Being an avid reader of Nazrul's creation throughout, I was naturally interested to see the performance of his famous romance 'Sheulimala'. I was utterly shocked at the unromantic features and amateurish presentation of the two central characters, Shujit Mustafa and Fatema-tuz-Zohra. Not only were they physically misfit but they also seemed hardly to have any knowledge about performance. Their dialogue seemed merely a clipped jargon having no touch of dramatic sense or romantic delicacy. Certainly, I do admit that they are quite famous singers but that does not mean they would be equally competent in stage performance. Other co-actors also performed as if they were taking part in a debate. This was a horrifying experience and it really upset my feelings. I would like to suggest Channel-i to take care in what it shows to its loyal viewers.
Arun Kumar
Lecturer, Queens University



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