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June 20, 2003

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Absurd Question!

The English question paper (1st paper) of the ongoing HSC exam includes an option for writing a paragraph about a certain topic bearing 10 marks. Despite the fact that nearly ten percent of the HSC Examinees are from religious faiths other than Islam, this topic was on Eid-ul-Fitr, one of the biggest festivals for the Muslims. It is shocking that the question-makers could select such a religious topic for a public examination. We can easily understand the confusion non-Muslim pupils suffer at such questions. The introduction of this incoherent topic in HSC exam not only exposes naked communal attitudes, but also showed drastic irresponsibility of the examination board.


Good Manners Should Be Cultivated

These days, when a person sees a student, they automatically feel fear because of their infamous brutal nature. Even when we are admitted into university, our own parents feel anxious and worry about our security. Why is this happening? Is our curriculum failing to provide us with proper knowledge on how to conduct ourselves? If our education fails to make us modest and cultured, then what is the use of earning certificates?
Many of us students do not know how to behave with people, such as rickshaw-pullers and conductors in buses. If this is the situation in our society what will happen to it? How will we grow as a nation and a community?
I think good manners should be taught to students in every level of educational institutions. It should be cultivated in our academic society, and especially in our families because “courtesy begins at home.” Every religion advises modesty, honesty and discretion among its people. It is a universal truth that religion makes a man modest, tolerant, polite, courteous and conscientious.
I hope that the government as well as the concerned authority will think about this and take the necessary steps to get rid of this disgraceful and frustrating situation.

Hadiul Islam Bhuiyan (Anwar)
University of Chittagong

Brilliant Cover Story!!

The cover story under the title of " Empowerment for peace peace for empowerment" in the weekly magazine of the Daily Star was really marvellous and worth reading. It was such a timely initiative!!! What greatly enthralled me was the wake-up call by the women of the Subcontinent who are determined to bring back the peace in this political climate of South Asia. Though I am not quite at one with some points uttered in the conference, I must say, it was really an innovative and thought provoking way of lobbying for peace.
It is pleasing to note that, over the centuries, women have been behind peace be it in family or on the battlefield. The women who spoke in the function really emphasised on establishing peace, giving a clear message to the audience and the readers of SWM: the only way to cur the intense level of hatred and political division in South Asia is bringing peace in the region.
I must thank SWM for covering this issue. I am sure; this will encourage lot of women of our country to work towards peace and put attention to this matter. I salute the organisers of the move and wish them a grand success of the monumental effort.

Sulav Barua
Middlesex university, London, UK.


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