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July 11, 2003

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On “Matir Moyna”

When the hue and cry across the country on the frustrating artistic value of and obscenity in Bangla films has been on in full volume, then the release of "Matir Moyna", a work of Tareq and Catherine Masud, has been identified as a relief. By being nominated for an OSCAR , Matir Moyna has represented our cultural richness, and succeeded in spreading it around the world. Despite failing to get the Oscar, we have been able to prove that we have the brain, intellect and creativity for making world-class movies.
We have also learned that this particular movie is going to be on screen in various halls and theatres in the UK and USA after having some successful shows in France, Canada and other countries. I thank Tareq and Catherine Masud for such a creative work of art.
This is a clear message to our other film producers and directors. A film can be artistically valued and at the same time, a box office hit if it has calibre. Unnecessary abusive language, fighting, songs or vulgarity are not the main elements in a popular film. They should bear in mind that art is based on substance rather than buffoonery.

Sulav Barua,London, UK

Cheers Star Magazine, Live Long

Warm congratulations go to the amazing 7th anniversary issue of SWM. Seven years may be termed as a honeymoon period for this magazine, but through time it has gained popularity in the full glare of publicity. It still have a long way to go in its journey in tracing the truth and striving for novel innovations but it has become the number one mass circulation supplementary weekend magazine in our country. Its special coverage, news items, spicy materials, intellectualism, professional excellence and reporting, ethics and moral essence are commendable. The proactive and talented writers are dedicated to the people's rights to know. It never stoops to the level of the gutter press, which many mainstream papers do, at least occasionally. I, on behalf of all SWM-loving readers, thank and congratulate the SWM staff on this special occasion hats off to SWM. Many happy returns on your anniversary!

Md. Aminul Islam,Dhaka University

DU Central Library: What Happens Inside

It goes without saying that DU is the apex institution for learning and students from all over the country strive to get admission to study in different fields such as arts, sciences, humanities and much more. Every year almost 4,500 students are enrolled here in total.
The central library of the University is its nerve centre, where enthusiastic young students gather around to quench their thirst for knowledge. The library has a vast collection of books, journals, age-old papers, ancient manuscripts and so on. However, these days, it seems that people come into the library just to meet up on dates, rather than to read and study. This is very problematic for those select few who do actually want to study because it is distracting to hear people gossiping with each other. Consequently the environment for studying is being hampered to a great extent.
We urge the authority to pay a little more attention to what is going on inside the central library at D.U.

MS Ali Saikat,Dhaka University


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