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July 18, 2003

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People and Places

Sanyat Sattar

Few books are meant to lead the readers to different destinations of the world. They open a wide window in front of us and us about people and places never known before.

Mohasthan, Moynamoti, Paharpur
Dr. Najimuddin Ahmed
Bangladesh Archeological Society; May 1997 (reprint edition)

This is a compact yet an informative description on the major spots carrying archeological importance of Bangladesh. It describes the historical background and the religious importance of these places, and at the same time it tells how the history of these places are fused to the history of ancient Bengal itself.
The book comes with a number of pictures of the places and various items found during the excavation. However, the quality of the pictures could have been better.

Finland Creates
Jack Fields & David Moore
Gummerus, Jyväskylä; December 1998

This is mainly a picture book about Finland. Here we see a beautiful country through the eyes of two photographers. Thus the book is primarily the photographers' own interpretation of the links between Finnish landscape and that many-sided creativity that has taken Finland to the forefront of international awareness in the fields of design, architecture, and art.
The book is surely an exhilarating voyage of discovery to Finland a guide and an interpreter that can be turned to again and again. Such a voyage is surely a worthwhile experience for everyone, including the Finn himself.

Seoul: Korea
Joan Leach, Jung Sun Ju & Baik Sun Ki
Seoul Metropolitan Government; December 1999

Seoul, the host city of 1988 Summer Olympic Games, has much to offer its visitors. It is a metropolis with a population of over ten million people carrying a dynamic pulse of progress while cherishing a splendid cultural legacy, spanning nearly 5000 years.
This is a guidebook of this enchanting city which features Seoul in five different perspectives: as a vibrant society, a modern metropolis, an international city, a city of tradition, and a centre of culture and art.
The book comes with beautiful pictures of the sights and sounds of Seoul.


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