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August 01, 2003

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Tuition troubles

In Dhaka, private tuition has been loved by private tutors and parents of school- and college-going students alike. Particularly for the university students, who can earn their education expenses, even in some cases help their parents, from tuition. But like any other sector, private tuition is also not without some malpractice. Some tuition seekers introduce themselves as students of DU and BUET though they are really not. I don't want to blame them -- they are victims of circumstance -- but as a result, the real students of DU or BUET are losing out in the process as the fake DU tutors are naturally much less qualified and thus causing bad names for the DU or BUET students.
Md. Aminul Islam
Department of English
Dhaka University

Our corrupt postal service

Despite so much technological advancement, many of both rural and urban Bangladeshis still depend on the postal system for communication as the telephone and other forms of communication are expensive as well as difficult in getting the details through. But it is a pity that our postal system is in such dire condition. Tickets pasted on letters going abroad are often taken off and letters are lost midway, never reaching their destination nor being sent back to the sender as undelivered. Such corruption that may cause problems for both sender and receiver due to the lack of communication is a shame for the nation. The ticket system should just be done away with and only the stamp system applied. I hope the authorities will take this matter into consideration.
Azizul Hoq
Jamiah Madaniah

Child labour: A realistic view

I am a student of Dhaka University, the highest seat of learning in the country where brilliant students from across the nation come to get their education. We are taught many things, including the rights and privileges of different classes and castes. The issue of child labour is nothing new, but despite the UN Universal Human Rights Declaration which strictly forbids child labour and various seminars and symposiums on child rights, the guaranteed rights are not being upheld. I have been a witness to the grim picture of child labour at DU itself where young boys who hardly seem able to lift a bowl of rice or glass of water are forced to work in hall canteens and messes. This is a gross violation of their rights and I certainly hope that the concerned authorities will take steps to counter the situation so prevalent all over our country.
M. S. Ali Saikat
Sir AF Rahman Hall
Dhaka University

Why 'Matir Moina' at Balaka only?

It's nice to see 'Matir Moina' being shown at last. But I am wondering why it is on only at Balaka cinema hall. I am sure a lot of people will love to watch this film, the first ever Bangladeshi film to be screened at the Oscars. Had the film been on at some other movie theatres (like Modhumita, Obhisar etc) no doubt many people would have gone to watch it. The director and producer of the film should think of arranging the film to be shown at other theatres as well.
Gopibagh, Dhaka

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