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August 08, 2003

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Something missing

I am a regular reader of SWM. I do enjoy most of it, but lately the jokes that you give aren't that funny and besides, it always has loads of mistakes. I was wondering why SWM doesn't have a page for poetry for amateur poets. I'm sure many readers enjoy reading poetry, especially when they are in a pleasant mood or when they want to relax. Some of them may also like to contribute their own poems in SWM. So in my opinion, if poetry could step into the world of SWM, it would make life a lot better for me.


About Dhaka Diary

I thank you for your nice reply. I recently made a suggestion to you to change the name of the 'Dhaka Diary' column to include the experiences of those living outside the capital and in reply, you told me to take the initiative by sharing my own stories. I really feel that anecdotes from all over the country, and not just Dhaka, will add variety to SWM. Contributors too, could take the lead by sharing incidents from their daily lives with the SWM readers. I myself have tried to write a diary piece and am going to contribute to that particular section in future.

Shahadat Md. Omair

Problems of the youth

Your cover story “Youth in Despair” was very thorough and in depth. The writer addressed a disconcerting issue and did a lot of research into the possible reasons behind criminal behaviour among Bangladeshi youth. Just a few months back, I read in the newspaper that a teenager hired a hit man to kill his own mother. Then there was the equally appalling incident of a schoolteacher being killed by two of his students. The cover story included interviews of young men, and their candid opinions revealed how disillusioned most of them are about the country's present situation. The writer is absolutely correct: we need to hear the voices of the young people and try to deal with the kind of problems they are facing. We need to ensure that they don't turn to crime out of frustration and instead, help them to lead positive lives. But most importantly, we need to act fast.

S. Rahman

About weekend musings

Mahfuz Anam's article on the 18th of July was indeed succinct. I totally agree with him. We should not vilify the mayor's right at this moment. We will firstly have to ensure his power. Then, and only then can we expect something creative from him.

Nazmus Saquib
Mayakanan, Dhaka


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