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August 22, 2003

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Cover story on Bangabandhu

We are thankful to SWM in general and Ahmede Hussain in particular for the excellent piece titled "A Turbulent Political Career". It is a precise and an objective write up. It tells of a most neglected part of an important historical phase of our history. Ever since the death of Bangabandhu, I was trying to locate a publication on Bangabandhu as a politician and as a family man at least in the form of a biographical note but totally failed to get one. Here in his well-researched article, Hussain has presented us, at least the part on Bangabandhu's post independence political role and functions thoroughly as an objective observer. Herein we get an inkling of Sheikh Mujib the head of the state and a politician.
Ahmede identifies major flaws in actions of Banga-bandhu, such as the removal of Tajuddin Ahmed, the man who lead the nation to independence; forming of the Rokkhi Bahini as a tool of his party; introducing one party rule by suspending the constitution-- "which any country could be proud of, "imposing BKSAL by negating "guaranteed every basic rights of the citizens"--- and "letting the administration go awry where " . . . the corruption, nepotism, monopolisation of the state contracts by the ruling party" were the order of the day along with smuggling by a section of party men.
As luck would have it that most of the above wrongs are, still, the same in one form or the other even after thirty-three years of our independence.
These are stumbling blocks on our way to good governance and achieving the status of a self-respecting nation. Finally, we are looking forward for many such exclusive but objective articles from Ahmede in days to come.
Syed Waliullah

We Want to See the ETV Again

Bangladesh television is our nationalised television but its standard is so bad that we find it difficult to watch. When a few years ago Ekushey Television was established, we, the viewers all across the country, were very happy. We thought that now we have a standard Bangla channel that is comparable to any good tv channel and, perhaps for importantly, no more we have to depend on Hindi channels for our regular share of television entertainment. ETV showed us lots of quality programmes like drama, cinema, music programmes, magic shows, circus, talk Show, quiz programmes, agricultural and educational programmes, cartoons, games, English movies and what not? Lots of producers also came forward to make programmes and many new people invested money. We are now reading in the newspaper that ETV is now ready to go on air once again, but it is not happening for legal complexities or some other unknown reasons. Whatever the reasons are the government should take initiative to help this channel go on air for the sake of millions of its fans across the country.
Dhaka University

On Nothing if not Serious

I am an avid reader of your magazine. Though I love most of the articles you print my latest favourite is certainly “Nothing if not serious” by Shawkat Hossain. Right from his first write-up on 'homecoming' he has been a great read. It is surprising, the way he presents his stories are interesting and they are such easy reading. The article on the Gregorian where he relates how he was almost led into a career he would make a colossal failure, not to mention the happy sweet memories of his teachers, classes, peers were very enjoyable. His last write-up on the brutal police attack on the female students of Shamsunnahar Hall authorised by a headstrong and powerloving VC last year was also very good. Thanks to SWM for including such a brilliant column. I wish it were weekly instead of being byweekly, as it is at present.

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