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August 22, 2003

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The Tiny Road with Endless Activity

Imran H Khan

Banani's famous Road 11 is quite a popular hangout for the young and not-so-young alike. So what are the attractions that make this road such a happening place?

Starting from the basic Bangali need for 'outing' - I mean eating - the range of activities that this single road provides is incredible. Age is not a factor as members of one generation or another can be found anywhere along that road. From the young, loud-voiced Dhaka dwellers in flashy attire to their more sedate seniors, everyone seems to be looking for something on this road. More often than not it is a new eating joint to try out.

This summer the sun has been a little intense as those of us who have acquired a richer tan can testify to. Some of us are even 'well-done'. If you haven't and are still flaunting your pale surface, you've probably been parading with pink parasols or dashing between AC cars and cooler buildings. The humidity too has joined hands with the heat. Thank God that you are in Number 11 because you not only have the soft indulging touch of American Soft Icecream (softer by the second) but you also have the wild range of delectable flavours of Club Gelato. Why not slurp away on one of the giant sundaes from Club Gelato? It is so mouth-watering that sometimes, even the waiters drool over them. Just kidding… you really do need to cool off.

Moving onto more essential delights of life, there happens to be a wide selection of eateries to try at Number 11, each with their very own specialties. You could have the typical 'Deshi' food items such as bhaat, dal, morog polao, khichuri, chingri bharta, ilish maach, mutton jhal-fry, chicken jhal fry…ok...ok… I'll stop. All these appetising items can be found at Rashna Bilash and Delphi Bangla Khabar Ghor. Even though you will most likely see only Bangalis, sometimes adventurous foreigners may be seen cautiously stepping into one of them clutching their water bottles like security blankets, enticed by the rich aroma wafting from these places.

If you are more into junk-food, this will be paradise for you because not only will you have all the varieties (well at least most of them) of 'trash-food' in Dhaka but you will have a lot of fun 'mixing-and-matching' the items. What you do is follow an eclectic scheme, taking the best from each place. You will never tire of trying out the different items and your palate will always be able to savour a different blend of combinations. The number of places that you may try out include Sub-City, with its range of submarine sandwiches and pizza, Hot breads and Kings Confectionary, with their range of bakery items, the latter establishment being a whole lot prettier and offering distinctively better food, Mon Chere Fast food and BBQ, Dhaba, the road side café, (for lip-smacking kababs and nans) and Disha's Bistro serving continental food. If you are in the mood for some Chinese food then look no further then Cheong Shing Chinese Restaurant, with its range of Chinese (what else?) dishes. If you want a mixture of Indian with other tropical food, Kebab-E-Q is the place to visit. Its spic and span settings will really help you to digest all that you take in.

Shumi's Hot Cake will soon makes its debut at No 11. If you have not been to their Sobhanbag branch and missed out on their delectable Black Forest cake, you can indulge yourself here.

If you have been busy sampling all the food your teeth could be a bit on the edge. Not a problem! The dental clinics are all close by. There are as many dental clinics on Road Number 11 as eateries. Besides having medical acumen they obviously have business acumen as well. You can choose from Johnson's Dental Clinic, AIKO Dental Clinic, Sapporo Dental Care, Bikalpa Dental clinic and many more. They vary both in terms of service and price, so make sure that you know which one you value more before your visit.

If your medical need is other than a dentist's, don't call an ambulance just yet because on this very road you have Arabian Medical Centre, Fairways Medical Centre, Al-Rashid Medical Centre, National Medicare Ltd, Tasfio Medical Centre and …it just goes on. It seems as if there is a medical centre on every block on this street to ensure your health and happiness. If you do feel sick or are hurt, all you have to do is sprint (if you still can) or hobble over to your next door neighbour's. There are also Drugstores and Consultants suitably located on this street to provide support) to all these clinics.

To some people, fashion is the flavour of life. Nothing would be complete without a pinch of style. With glamour comes all the latest trendy and traditional wear from Banglar Mela, Grameen Fashion bazaar, Unique Collection Boutique, Khub Soorty, Lamiz, Gathon Saree Ghar and Much More Family Fashion. Fiza is another store selling shalwar kameez and sarees as well as jewellery.

Feeling a little down? Need some pampering? Thank heavens that Sajai Beauty Parlour and Tips and Toes Beauty parlour are so conveniently located near by to sweep you off your feet. No doubt these parlours have a secret remedy for people losing hair, some type of a secret oil that radically decreases hair fall. It is a must try for those who generally 'lose their hair' over simple matters in life.

A vast number of general stores are also present here, including Kids & Mom General store with its collection of everyday items for kids, most frequented by the 'caring' mothers. Baby items seems to be the best products nowadays. Virgin 'Les is a small sized super market for every day shopping.

From the very beginning, we are forced into a life of slavery, that being the tree of education. Breaking the tradition of eateries and boutiques on this road, are Queen's University and NIIT Computer Education Training which are also two good reasons for young people to congregate.

Also on this small but happing strip of land are numerous little shops. Penguin General store, for example, is a regular neighbourhood store but its specialty is that it sells just about everything from eggs to lentils to plastic beach balls. If you want to get a trendy look before going somewhere or if you simply want to get rid of the excess baggage on top of your head, Romantic Hong Kong Hair Styling Saloon is the place to be in. Then you have the odd car centre, a furniture shop called Asko Interior and Furniture as well as a Fish Gallery selling --what else--fish.

Adequately fed, properly dressed, we have now reached the end of our road that isn't really a long one although judging from the number of commercial establishments, it could have stretched for miles on end.




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