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August 29, 2003

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“Yes It Can”

I enjoy the articles in SWM and especially enjoyed the article “Yes It Can” by Saqi Rahman. I think what she wrote was very true and I hope to read more articles of the kind in the future.
A Reader

On “North-North-West University”

I almost died laughing after reading Shawkat Hussain's desire to create a North-North-West University. It should be a crime to be so funny that you can kill someone a few thousand miles away. Seriously, could you please ask him if he needs a Vice-Chancellor or a Dean. I'd be most interested.

Kansas, USA

I would like to thank Mr. Shawkat Hussain for his satirical article on private universities in Dhaka. His article very successfully summarises a phenomenon that we often jeer at while we walk down the old Satmasjid Road. However, there is much more to it than simply street fronted signboards and compass driven names. There are young minds and students who really try to get an education there. So it is time that the UGC does something to bring everything in order.
I believe the UGC is severely under staffed. Other than hiding behind its high sounding name, it doesn't really have much say in the real academic matters of the universities it has allowed to grow in the first place. The UGC badly needs an academic regulatory body that can evaluate the standard of academic performance of these different universities. It needs to monitor the infra-structural strength as well as academic expertise of the teaching staff. It can at least develop a system of ranking so that the so-called good universities can be differentiated from the bad ones. The UGC also needs to evaluate the standard of education offered at the public universities as well, because, in certain areas there may be a need for an upgrading or revision of curriculum. The UGC must appoint consultants if needed and go about monitoring the strength of the academic programmes offered at different universities.
I am afraid I don't know exactly which area the UGC really handles but we do need a government regulatory body that would ensure that quality of education is being offered at the various institutions in the country.
So, like Mr. Shawkat Hussain, I would like to request the new Chairman to really focus on this area so that we don't end up with an ill educated generation.

Mujtaba Ahsan


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