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September 5, 2003

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Freddy Vs. Jason

Lochlyn Munro in New Line Cinema's Freddy Vs. Jason

Genre: Action/Horror/Thriller
Director: Ronny Yu
Distributor: New Line Cinema

Cast: Robert Englund, Ken Kirzinger, Monica Keena, Jason Ritter, Kelly Rowland (and more)

The ultimate forms of Hell are about to be unleashed on Earth once again. Freddy Krueger (Robert Englund) is desperate to kill, but he can't since the parents of Elm Street have been doping their kids up with dream suppressants. So he manipulates hulking, hockey-masked serial killer Jason Voorhees (Ken Kirzinger), through dream manipulation of his mother (Paula Shaw) and gulit, to go to Elm Street and dispatch the kids so the parents will think the pills are useless and stop giving it to them (which will free Freddy once again). But Freddy's plans don't go according to schedule when Jason discovers that he has been manipulated, which really sends him over the edge. So, it's up to teenagers Will (Jason Ritter), Lori (Monica Keena), and Kia (Kelly Rowland), along with other survivors of both killers, to lure Jason back to Camp Crystal Lake to kill Freddy once and for all...

Uptown Girls

They're about to teach each other how to act their age.


Genre: Comedy
Director: Boaz Yakin
Distributor: MGM

Cast: Brittany Murphy, Dakota Fanning, Heather Locklear, Jesse Spencer, Donald Faison (and more)

Molly Gunn (Murphy) is the freewheeling daughter of a late rock legend and the toast of the Manhattan social scene, but when her inheritance is stolen, Molly is forced to do something she's never done before - get a job. She becomes nanny to precocious Ray Schleine (Fanning), an “eight-year-old going on forty.” Emotionally distant from her A&R executive mother Roma (Locklear), Ray has grown up with a revolving door of nannies and too little stability. Molly and Ray both feel painfully alone in the world, but as they try to make their new arrangement work, each discovers in the other a true friend.

Source: IMDB.com/YahooMovies.com


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