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September 12, 2003

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The High-Profiled

Sanyat Sattar


Living History
Simon & Schuster; June 2003

Hillary Rodham Clinton is known to hundreds of millions of people around the world. Yet few beyond her close friends and family have ever heard her account of her extraordinary journey. She writes with candor, humor and passion about her upbringing in suburban, middle-class America in the 1950s and her transformation from Goldwater Girl to student activist to controversial First-Lady. Living History is her revealing memoir of life through the White House years. It is also her chronicle of living history with Bill Clinton, a thirty-year adventure in love and politics that survives personal betrayal, relentless partisan investigations and constant public scrutiny. The book has already been proved as a bestseller all over the globe and has been translated in many languages, including Bangla.

Pelé: My Life and the Beautiful Game
Er Horizon; May 1977 (first edition)

Siddiqua Kabir is one of the pioneers in introducing cook books in our country. Her Ranna Khadya Pusti has been an all time favourite cook book. This very book has more than 500 recipes covering our very own Bengali dishes with Chinese, Japanese, Burmese and many other interesting items from other continents. It contains also a chapter about health care and hygiene.

Diana: Memory of a Rose
Betty Milner Productions; October 2001

New Zealand-born Susan Maxwell Skinner is a professional speaker and author on royal subjects. She left London at the end of the '80s and now lives in California. In collaboration with the famous photographer Anwar Hussein, she has written three books and presented hundreds of talks on the fascinating 20th Century cultural phenomenon of Princess Diana. As part of Diana's accredited press corps, the author traveled the world with the Wales family through the 1980s. Her writing shows tremendous compassion for the complex human being who remains the greatest celebrity and one of the most influential women of all time.


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