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September 12, 2003

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Young fair Lady

The other day I was gossiping with a friend of mine at Shangshad Bhaban. It was about 7:30pm. Suddenly, a group of young girls came into our view. At first I thought they were students, because they had large bags hanging from their shoulders and they were about 14 to 22 years of age. My friend told me that they were prostitutes looking for customers. I was astonished as I watched their movement. One of the girls was smoking. They were subject to a lot of staring and gossiping and they seemed to have been enjoing it all. Two of them were engaged in a loud altercation, using quite abusive words. This was an embarrassing situation for me and I left the place. Are these young girls blacked out forever? Is there no way to bring them back?

Razia Sultana Road, Mohammadpur

The Queen of Cox's Bazaar Beach

It all happened on my very first (and very recent) trip to the Cox's Bazaar beach. I had come from abroad and was a little unaware of the Bengali culture or should I say 'narrow minds' as I put on my 'Speedo' swimming trunks (which was a little tight) and went to the beach for a swim. On my arrival, I become the attention of the entire beach. Young youths, mostly non-residents of Cox's Bazaar, cracked jokes amongst themselves at my expense, calling me beautiful (a male!) and asking a photographer nearby to capture me on the camera as if I had landed from the outer space. I have seen Olympic Stars wearing this type of trunks during sporting events and also in 'Bay Watch', where young men sport Speedo or bikini type trunks. Surely a guy should be able to wear such trunks wihout being harrassed like this.

Raiyan, Dhaka

Hot Ice Cream!

Since I work in a restaurant I get to see lot of interesting scenes, which truly amuse my mind. A few days ago at a party, I noticed a cute little girl who was taking her reluctant father to our restaurant's ice cream parlour. The little girl was insisting her father buy her a scoop of ice cream while her father was reminding her about the cold she had. She was adamant. She was determined to have her ice cream and said to her father, Okay, since I can't have cold ice cream, tell them to make me a hot ice cream! After a hearty laughter from all those within earshot, she got her delicious ice cream. Cold of course!

Mohammed Sohel Hara
Olympia Palace Restaurant,Topkhana Road


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