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September 12, 2003

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Chittagong Library

Chittagong Public Library is the biggest and most important library in Chittagong. Everyday it is visited by numerous people, most of whom are students. There are a good number of books for the students but they don't often cater to the needs of the common people. Besides most of the books that are here are either too old or too backdated. Even the newspapers, magazines and journals are not up to expectations. This building was badly affected by the tremor on July 27, 2003. It has not been properly renovated and now, it is somewhat risky to use this building as a library. Another problem with this facility is with its officials. The library is supposed to open at 7:30 in the morning but due to the laziness of the library attendants, the library opens at about 8:30 am. Recently the authority have said that the library will be kept open for the whole day. I think this is an excellent decision. We need the library to enrich our mentality but unless proper care is taken of the libraries, both students and general readers will suffer.

Hadiul Islam Bhuiyan (Anwar)
Dept. of English
University of Chittagong

Electricity Blues

One of the most common problems that we have been facing everyday is the frequent power failure. Even though power failures were at a minimum this year, for the last 2-3 months, there have been constant power failures in many areas of the city. The government had taken care of it sometime back and there were hardly any blackouts, until the recent events. Now, it is a routine. We may take it for granted that there will be no electricity everyday for about 3 hours. This is outrageous in this horrible hot weather. There was a black out in the States a week back and it was shown all over the world. It was 'sensational news' but when the same thing happens in Bangladesh, it's just a 'common' phenomenon. It's sad because I know that it's of no use to ask the concerned authorities to look into this issue. It is one of those cases that will perhaps never be solved.

Kemal Uddin Bhuiyan

Traffic Jams

Without a doubt one of the main reasons that most people fear to travel nowadays is because of the traffic jams. There seems to be traffic jams everywhere. One of the reasons for this is the road dividers that are being placed almost everywhere. Wide roads are now being cut short and precious space is being wasted in the middle because of isles. Why must the isles be so wide? So that many people may stand beside one another holding hands? I really wonder if the concerned road authorities ever think about the consequences before they implement their wonderful works.

Shibley Anwar

On “Clearing Vision
Saving Sight”

I congratulate the SWM for the excellent cover story "Sight For Sore Eyes" in the above issue. Islamia Eye Hospital is definitely a very good Eye Hospital of our country. The staff and doctors are dedicated to their service and the patients are getting good eye treatments. Like many eye patients, I visited this hospital and found that all patients, irrespective of their social status, get the same attention. This is an achievement for which this institution should be given due credit. Other hospitals of Bangladesh should try to follow the steps of Islamia Eye Hospital. I am glad to learn that many organisations have come forward to lend a helping hand to such institutes.
I would also like to thank Mahfuz Anam for the article "Our Art of Maintaining Nothing". Being an old student of Dhaka University I also feel that the DU authorities should 'wake -up' and take urgent measures to save the Halls and also the precious lives of the students.

Ihsanul Haq
New Eskaton Road





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