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September 12, 2003

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Dear Mita,
Many students dream of studying abroad. Those who are well-off can make their dreams come true. But for middle-class families it's very difficult to sent their children abroad. The richer ones don't only go and study abroad but also work there and send home some money. But the different embassies have rather strict requirements for this. I have been trying to go abroad for about a year but without success. I've become depressed and can't study or sleep. How can I overcome this?
--Destination Abroad

Dear Destination,
Dealing effectively with reality is also part of growing up. How you handle adverse situations and overcome hurdles in life proves your maturity. Not being able to go abroad is no reason to become depressed and destroy your life. You can only overcome it if you want to. Just think of thousands of others who would give anything to be in your shoes, that is, the chance to get a good education. Please come out of this and concentrate on your studies. Your chance to go abroad is academic excellence.

Dear Mita,
I'm a 20-year-old Honours student at a reputed university. When I was in Class 10, I fell in love with one of my classmates. We loved each other very much. I couldn't go a moment without seeing her. During our H.S.C.s, her family compelled her to marry someone else and she couldn't keep the promises she had made me. I was shocked at her marriage and felt like I had lost everything. Her marriage, however, did not last long and she got a divorce within six months. Now she wants to come back to me. I still love her but my family won't accept her: and if I marry her, they won't accept me either. I have my family on one side and my love on the other and don't know which to choose and which would be better for me. Please help me.

Dear M,
You are only 20 and much has happened in your life. You have demonstrated a lot of maturity for a person so young. You should not rush into anything. Give time to your parents to accept this situation which is difficult for any family. Both of you should wait and try to convince your parents. They should be convinced about the strength of your relationship and how much you mean to each other. They will ultimately understand and agree. The important thing is to support and help each other to grow professionally and emotionally.

Dear Mita,
I have recently completed my H.S.C. exams and have already been admitted into two coaching centres. I have always wanted to be a doctor but my parents want me to be an engineer, which is why I have to take classes for both. But this is very difficult for me as the systems of the two coaching centres are very different, not to mention the financial burden. I don't know what to do. Please help.

Dear Torn,
You need to talk to your parents seriously before it is too late. You certainly should not be forced to study something that you are not interested in. Explain to them of the negative impact this will have on your life. You have to give some forceful arguments and take the help of some relative, an aunt or uncle.


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