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September 19, 2003

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The Birdcage

Imran H.Khan


Nestled in a quiet corner of DOHS field, a 'non-resident' would see a pale greenish structure, enclosed from all sides with netting. An inquisitive visitor may dare to venture into the park with the intention of figuring what a 'cage-like structure' could be doing in a field. Without much doubt at this point, the person will conceive that the structure is indeed a huge aviary full of noisy but magnificent birds. This cage contains a generous number of birds, starting from the common pigeon and sparrows (the latter taking much of the cage's space), to the parrots and lovebirds who snuggle in the darker corners of the cage and many, many more.

The aviary is well decorated and has ample lighting for the night time. Photo: Imran

This huge birdcage is roughly about sixty feet long, twenty feet wide and about twenty-five feet high with wire mesh covering most sides. The initiative for making this luxurious aviary was taken by the Chairman of the new DOHS Park. It was built about June-July of this year, mainly for the benefit of young children who play there in the afternoon. “It is a good initiative by the park authorities because that way, the children will be able to get some practical knowledge about birds. They won't have to go to the zoo to see these beautiful creatures to learn about them,” says Zubair Alam, one of the senior jogger who comes regularly to the park. Another reason for this imaginative resolution was that the DOHS Park caters to a vast number of 'health-a-holics' (a cult whose driving motto is “health is wealth”). These people are seen at all odd hours of the day walking, jogging, running, stretching, walking…it's an unending cycle. Upon closer observation, one could imagine them to be goldfish, going around in circles, as they would do in an aquarium.

Just as one needs to put a lot of decoration in the aquarium, not for the goldfish but for the viewers, that is exactly what this aviary is to this park. The aviary is well furnished and has ample lighting and is beautifully decorated with a variety of foliage. They have put different shapes and colours of housing facilities (nests that is) for the 'recreational purposes' of the inmates, quite colourful to the eyes. The residents are fed amply with their respective treats and are well taken care of.

The birds have their own respective 'housing facilities'. Photo: Imran

Though most people are happy with the structure, there are some who feel that the space was not properly utilised. One of the local soccer players Rinku says, “The kids who are supposed to enjoy this facility are on the opposite side of the field, playing. Still, it's something new which everyone can enjoy.” This new addition also attracts people from all over to come and enjoy the park. Some feel that if the field itself was given some attention, this whole park would be a really nice place to visit.

The aviary is certainly a unique step taken by the DOHS Park authorities. It also adds a touch of nature to this artificial world that is fast growing around us.


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