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September 19, 2003

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Good cover story, bad cover

The cover story on September 6, 2003 on Crocodiles was a well-written one. Dr. Rashid deserves credit for bringing out this important national issue into light. This particular issue of the magazine has certain historic value, as on the cover the image of the crocodile used is the last female in her blood-line. She is told to be too fat and too old to produce fertile eggs anymore, so once she dies, we loose a blood-line. She is known in the majar as Dhala Pahar, one eye that is visible on the image was damaged some how. But the cover design needed more attention. The image quality could have been improved and subtitles on the right hand side of the cover just ruined a 'could be brilliant cover.

Mushtaq Ahmed

It's all about cricket

I was a little upset when Bangladesh failed to win the match against Pakistan. I watched 'tmata', a very famous program on Channel I that same night in which Mr. Fazlul Alam and Mr. Imdadul Haq Milan participated. Although I enjoyed the program very much, I must disagree with Mr. Fazlul Alam on the issue that a win in a cricket game has no positive impact on a nation. I believe winning a cricket match is a huge deal for the people of Bangladesh. I should give you an example. Last night I was chatting in the net with some Bangladeshi friends who are living abroad. They asked me eagerly whether we would be able to win the match or not. It's a prestige issue for the Bangladeshis living abroad. Because if Bangladesh wins they will celebrate and shall be able to work with more dignity. I also like to include that in the foreign countries both Bangladesh and Pakistan are considered as poor countries. But cricket can give Bangladeshis a new sense of pride. According to Mr. Alam, cricket is a silly game, but I believe it can change the position and prospect of a nation.

Shamim Ahmed Jitu


Thanks to SWM, I have become a very big fan of Neeman A Sobhan who makes my day every Friday morning. I look forward to her write-ups throughout the week and read her articles first thing on the magazine. She has a natural flair for writing and observing the minutest details of life. Thanks again Ms. Sobhan! Look forward to more of your write-ups in the coming months.

Nadia Islam

Love or leave Dhanmondi

Is Dhanmondi a posh area of Dhaka city? I say no because it has failed to satisfy the criterion to be a posh area. Silence is unthinkable in Dhanmondi. Schools, private universities, hospitals, offices etc have occupied almost every road in Dhanmondi. I live at road-10/A and there are six schools, three hospitals, a factory, and a few offices on my road! Regular commuters of different vehicles create horrible traffic. I study at IBA and so everyday I miss my morning classes because of the traffic. The Dhanmondi air is polluted because of the Hazaribagh tanneries. Some tea stalls occupy the footpaths.

Md. Shariful Hassan


There has been a lot confusion and controversy over the nomination for the post of SG of the OIC from Bangladesh. In 1971 when the Pakistani army committed endless and inhuman atrocities on the Bengali men, women and children, the role played by our OIC friends (?), excepting perhaps a few, has not been forgotten. Looking at the feather of the birds, don't you think our nomination very logically fits the crime?

Fayaz Khan
Joar Sahar





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