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October 10, 2003

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Masterpiece Compilations

Sanyat Sattar


Nazrul Rachanabali
(Works of Qazi Nazrul Islam)
Anisuzzaman (Chief Editor)
Bangla Academy; May 1996 (reprint edition)
ISBN: 984-07-3382-

Qazi Nazrul Islam's literature career, which was cut short by illness, is surprisingly vast. Eminent Nazrul Critics of the country have put together this wonderful anthology consisting almost everything our 'Bidrohi Kabi' has written during his lifetime. Apart from literature, letters, which are also covered in the anthology, are equally interesting and worth studying the unique mental strength of the poet who himself is the symbol of strength and energy. This anthology comes with four volumes. The cover is designed by eminent artist Qaiyum Chowdhury.

The Complete Works of Shakespeare
David Bevington (Editor)
Addison-Wesley Pub Co; January 1997 (4th edition)
ISBN: 0321012542

The Complete Works of Shakespeare, now in its updated fourth edition, continues to present the text of Shakespeare as an enjoyable and fruitful experience for students and teachers alike. Important discussion issues are outlined, along with sources for each play and the stage history of performances. This updated version retains thoughtful commentaries on individual lines and phrases and provides stage directions so students can visualize the plays. Notable changes to this edition include the addition of “The Two Noble Kinsmen”, a more detailed examination of “Troilus and Cressida”, and “A Funeral Elegy” - a poem recently proposed with considerable authority as written by Shakespeare.

Howard Hibbert
Westview Press; August 1985 (2nd edition)
ISBN: 0064301486

In this masterly compiled edition, Howard Hibbard relates Michelangelo's art to his life and to the times in which he lived, relying on the earliest biographies and the latest scholarly research as well as on Michelangelo's own letters and poems. What emerges is both a perspective appraisal of his work and a revealing life history of the man who was arguably the greatest artist of all time.



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