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October 10, 2003

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Just Walk The Walk. It's Simple…

Richa Jha

- On the 1st of the month, you weigh yourself and resolve to lose four kilos, starting tomorrow. First, the modus operandi. You could start brisk walks for 45 minutes a day at your neighbourhood park; go swimming regularly at the local club; enrol yourself in the 'Executive Fitness Programme' (whatever that means) at the nearby gymnasium; or crash diet. After having weighed the options, you decide in favour of the first, and perhaps the least strenuous one. You're reminded of your previous attempts at it, but this time, you know you are serious.

- Over the next three days, you give your mind time to register your resolve. “Not today, from tomorrow, without fail”. At bedtime, you imagine yourself speeding past the other walkers. Tomorrow is a new day, and a new beginning of a lifelong commitment to a fit and healthy life.

- 5th morning: you wake up with a start at eight to see the brightest day in the year. “It's no use, too late, a walk in this sun will be enervating” you reason. “Tomorrow”, you decide, “I must wake up at 6, sharp”.

- On the 6th morning, the loud alarm wakes you up, but you are too startled to give it a context. The last time you used an alarm clock was during your A Levels examinations. Your hands grope around for the gadget and turn it off. You still haven't opened your eyes. When you do actually wake up, it is too late. The Hubby will advise you to step out in your jogging shoes even at that hour, “better late than never”, he says, but you don't want to come back with a tan, do you? “Besides”, you declare, “the park closes down at 10am”. You (not he) are the authority on parks, the timings, and on every thing to do with a fitness regimen.

- That evening, you forget to set the alarm again. These are teething troubles, you'll soon get over them.
- The 8th morning is a tragedy, of sorts. You wake up with the alarm, but you stay on in bed just for those five minutes longer, to ensure every part of your body is up and ready to go for the kill. When you finally do wake up, it's too late. “How could this have happened?” Never mind, you have the rest of the day to figure that. But time to get cracking. Enough is enough.

- On the 9th morning, the temptation to sleep in is strong, but a steely resolve is an unflinching one. You change into your shoes, and GO! You don't want to overstrain on the very first day-20 minutes look good. At the end of which, you are panting, perspiring, but already feeling so much lighter!

- That same evening, you buy yourself the proper attire. To gain the most out of these walks, your mind should perceive that you are serious. Track-suit, track pants, and a new pair of shoes.

- On the 10th, you target a good 30 minutes, but by the twentieth minute, your head starts reeling, and you give up. “It's alright, go slow, if I plan to do it every single day of my life from now on, I ought to give my body some time to acclimatise”.

- By the 12th morning, you feel like a new person. The bathroom scales don't say much, but it's only been four days.

- That evening, for the first time in several months, you devour half a pound of chocolate truffle without feeling guilty. Hah! Now you needn't bother. The Hubby reminds you of the consequences all the same, you remind him of your regular exercise regimen.

- By the 15th, you see marginal improvements in your pace. But it's getting a tad monotonous. How about some music for company?

- On the 16th evening, you buy yourself a discman.

- The next morning is a natural break from the drill. It's Friday, and you've earned yourself a sleep-in till mid morning. That evening, you attend a late night party, so next morning is out.

- On the 19th, you resume your walks. You wonder if people at the park noticed your absence. After all, you are a confirmed fitness freak now.

- On the 21st, you wake up with a sore throat and aching joints. This viral is in the air. You're down and out for the next few days, but this time, thanks to your sincere attempts at the park, you notice how you recuperate faster than usual.

- Fighting fit on the 24th, but it's Friday again. You have to stick by your personal policies. Lunch, dine, and make merry, without counting calories!

- Horror of horrors! The next four mornings see incessant downpour. It's wet and gloomy, time for bhajis, piyajis, and pakodas. But don't despair, what's a few days subtracted from a lifetime of committed walks?

- On the 29th, the sun is up, but it has caught you unprepared. Wasn't there a deluge last night?

- The 30th is the monthly stock-taking day. You are ready to pat yourself for the progress made, and for the resolve honoured. “I feel good, I have been regular. Ummn, let's see, 7, 8, 9, 9, 9ssss. That's it? There must be a mistake somewhere!”. Incredulous, you weigh yourself, and faint.

- On the 1st of the next month, you resolve to lose 6 kilos, starting tomorrow!


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