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October 17, 2003

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Non-Prolific Writers

Sanyat Sattar


Phele Asha Dinguli O Onnanya
L. K. Siddique
Asia Publications Dhaka; July 2003

This is an interesting compilation of columns written by former minister L. K. Siddique, regularly published earlier in various dailies. The writer describes interesting factual incidents that he has come across in different spheres of his life. The most interesting feature of this book is that, despite the fact that it sounds somewhat satiric at times, it's extremely hilarious and was never meant to be harsh. This huge compilation is sure to catch your attention .


Barendra Anchale Muslim Itihas Aitijhya
Dr. A. K. M. Yaqub Ali
Somoy Prakasani; October 2002

This informative volume unfolds the cultural and religious background of ancient Barendra area. In its description, the writer thoroughly narrates the cultural heritage and historical significance of that particular area and that of entire ancient Bengal. It locates how Muslim culture was spread in Bengal and exactly what are the reflections.



Dhusor Bosoti
Hossain Muhammad Iqbal
Shravan Prakasani; February 2003

Hossain Mohammad Iqbal is a promising upcoming writer. This is his second novel. The novel deals with the complexities of urban life and shows how materialism brings about complication in relations. The story line is interesting, but not well knitted. Hopefully the writer will overcome this in his forthcoming venture.



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