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October 17, 2003

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Iraqi Shiite Muslims sleep outside the Imam Hussein (RA) Shrine in Karbala, 110 kilometers south of Baghdad, late 11 October. Iraqis streamed into the holy city of Karabala for a pilgrimage to celebrate the birthday of the 9th century Imam Mehdi. The imam, the 12th in the lineage of Ali (RA) and a cousin of the prophet Mohammed(PBUH), is said to have mysteriously disappeared at the age of five, in 878, near the mausoleum of his forefather Imam Hussein (RA) in Karbala.

Bosnian producer Zijad Mehic receives in the name of compatriot director Pjer Zalica the Etoile d'Or award for his film "Au Feu" (Fire) during the International Film Festival of Marrakech.


Sri Lankan Tamil women hold flags of the Tamil Tiger guerrilla movement at a cultural show in the rebel-held town of Kilinichchi to commemorate the 16th anniversary of the first woman fighter killed in action. The woman fighter known only as Second Lieutenant Malathy was killed in a confrontation with Indian peace keeping forces deployed in the island in October 1987.


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