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October 17, 2003

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Why not Chittagong Diary?

I am a regular reader of The Daily Star. But, I am frustrated about the Star Weekend Magazine, because it is discriminatory towards the diary writer living outside Dhaka. I am a Chittagonian, and also a C.U. student. But I have never seen a page in the star weekend magazine for Chittagong and the Chittagonian. Most of the pages of this magazine are occupied by the writings from Dhaka on Dhaka. Why can't we have a Chittagong Diary? I am not antagonistic to the Dhaka dwellers, but since the magazine is a national one, I think it is justified to demand a page for the Chittagonian. The events and incidents that are being regularly taking place in the commercial hub that Chittagong is merit a mention. But, as a popular publication, The Daily Star simply does not have a niche for the port city. Please set aside the partial rule, and allocate spaces for other important cities.

Jewel, 140,Sadarghat Road
Sadarghat, Chittagong-4000

It's not cricket

Shamim Ahmed Jitu's writing on Sept 10 on the Tritio Matra discussion on cricket shows that some vital points have not been recorded. What Mr Fazlul Alam was saying that people of Bangladesh made a lot of sacrifice for getting their freedom, but they have not yet got what they fought for. Winning a cricket match would be a thing to celebrate, but itwill not be akin to having solved our political or social crisis. Alam pointed out that despite Pakistan's excellence in this game, which made that country well known worldwide, Pakistan is facing political, economic and social degeneration. He said that unless a country solves the problems in all these sectors, a mere cricket win does not mean much.
I was pleased to hear him say that labour migration from a country is nothing to be proud of. It should be looked at as one of problems as it shows that this country cannot find employment for its own people.

Fazl Mahmood
31 Lothrop St, London W10

Let there be light…

Chintito apparently has a massive chip on his shoulder where Pakistan is concerned. We played well in Pakistan, but we lost. That is the fact of the matter. Nothing to be ashamed of, because we put up a good fight. But harping on the discrimination of the other side, be it lights or captaincy reverses the image and highlights us as poor and sore losers. That we surely are not. This is the new millennium, and who wants to sound like a broken record while siding with a certain party? Chintito should pay heed.

A Mostafa
By e-mail

Cover Story

I have just read the cover story of SWM of September 26,2003,which was about Dr.Quader. I am praising the editor and writer for highlighting such an issue. I am very happy that such kinds of human beings are still present in our country. I have seen many doctors racing with others to earn money. However is it the duty of a doctor to make money or help the people? When I had just completed my S.S.C and was applying for admission in a college, I needed to attest my papers by a first class officer. I went to a doctor who was such an officer. He asked for money before attesting those papers. I was shocked. There are many doctors in Dhaka city, to meet with them people have to take appointment two or three month in advance. A doctor should be reminded of his responsibility towards people. Money should never be their driving force.

Md. Mizanur Rahman Nayan

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