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October 24, 2003

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The Mega MED Show

Aftab Mahmud Khurshid

It was no ordinary exhibition at the Sheraton. This was a gala of showing off the latest technological advancements in health care. The event's importance was marked by the presence of Commerce Minister Amir Khosru Mahmud Chowdhury who formally inaugurated the three-day exhibition Medexpo- 2003.

The Medexpo- 2003 played a positive role in introducing and familiarising more advanced and sophisticated equipment and technologies of the developed world. This will go a long way in the future development of this sector in the country.

A total of forty-six leading companies, related to health services, from Germany, UK, Thailand, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Japan, India and West Bangladesh participated in this exhibition.

Medexpo- 2003 was co-sponsored by Siemens Bangladesh Ltd, Private Clinic and Diagnostic Owners' Association, DHL and Novo Cargo Services Ltd.

Three important seminars were part of the exposition including one on 'Quality Medical Care and the Role of Modern Technology and Emergency Evacuation Plan”. presided over by the AGM of Parkway Group Health Care PTC Ltd, Singapore and also Dr Raghib Monzoor, the Consultant and Chief of ICU, Central Hospital.

The second seminar, organized by Ahsania Mission Cancer Hospital, focused on “Management of Breast Cancer A Recent Update”.

The third seminar was about “Latest Development of Cardiac Treatment and Scope of International Health Care”. This was sponsored by Bangkok Hospital and was presided over by Dr. Peter E. Albrich, MD and CEO of Siemens Bangladesh Ltd. Bangkok Hospital was keen to offer short cardiology training facilities for Bangladeshi doctors. The Bangkok Hospital performs heart surgery using a new method called “off-pump” surgery. The institute treats more than 20,000 cardiac outpatients and performs over 200 heart surgeries annually.

The exposition made people aware of the latest developments in the area of medical engineering, health care and treatment facilities. It also informed people about the various facilities that are currently available in Bangladesh.

Various foreign hospitals participated in this exposition. Surprisingly, there was no big Bangladeshi health care service provider present there. Due to this very reason, Bangladesh has missed the opportunity to promote its facilities as well as suffer the loss of sales and image. Contrary to this, other hospitals from neighboring countries like India, Thailand and Singapore were there, achieving people's confidence and creating better awareness in just three days.

Our own health sector is badly in need of a new vision. The need for basic health car is so great that there is no reason the private sector should not come up with new concepts and projects to ensure better health services. Big companies, multinationals, private clinics and owners of diagnostic centres as well as renowned doctors and specialists can pool their resources together to set up a full-fledged hospital in any suburban area or strategically remote area to provide better treatment for under--privileged people.

Many companies have projects and funds to contribute to their corporate social responsibility activities. As a token of contribution in sustainable health sector development, a consortium of different companies can be evolved. They can at least make an example to inspire others to set up more of such health care centers.

Needless to say that it must be appreciate by all to organize such a mega event for the first times by TEEMS, which very timely, effective and creditworthy.





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