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October 24, 2003

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Two Indian artesans work on a fiberglass statue of Mother Teresa in Calcutta, 17 October 2003. Mother Teresa will be beatified, 19 October 2003, in a ceremony in St Peter's Square, Vatican. The beatification ceremony is the penultimate step to being canonised a saint and has been the shortest in modern history. Following the beatification, a second miracle has to be verified by the Vatican before Mother Teresa can be proclaimed a saint.

Adrian Williamsl (R-white) and Ruth Riely (red band) from team WNBA (USA), fight for a ball with Ann Wauters (blue) from French Valenciennes Olympic team, during their women's basketball clubs World Cup match in Samara, 18 October 2003.



Cherry Blossom Casey, aged two from Townsville, plays with a rugby ball after the Japanese team Captain's Run at the Dairy Farmer Stadium in Townsville, 17 October 2003. Japan will meet France for their Pool B match on October 18.


Wooden crosses are seen in a waste land at the place where the corpses of eight women were found murdered in 2001 in Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua, 12 October 2003. In a report two yers ago Amnesty International said that after a two-year investigation it had documented 370 murders over the last decade in Ciudad Juarez. Many of the victims were young women who had traveled from other parts of Mexico to work in factories on the border.

Photos: AFP





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