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October 31, 2003

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Brilliant Chintito

In the October 17th issue of SWM, Chintito has very brilliantly satirised how the different managing committees of the CDA conference managed to show a vivid image of our "Sonar Bangla" before our VIP guests. We all admit that ours is not a very rich or developed country. Therefore it is not affordable for us to manage everything with the kind of efficiency that other countries do. But is it really that difficult to raise a flag in the right direction, and to play the National Anthem in the meantime? We feel very embarrassed by what the managing committees did, even though we don't really know whether they themselves are ashamed or not.

G. Kibria
Savar, Dhaka

Future of English in Bangladesh

There is no denying that English is an international language. But some people in our country say that they do not need English. They argue that Bangla should be the medium of our education. I am not against the use of Bangla but I feel that we should learn English as well. For any kind of higher education we depend on books written in English. There is no denying the fact that the knowledge of English is becoming poorer by day. We see that every year in the public examinations, a lot of students fail English. As a result they don't like learning it. This is not good for the future of our nation. If our nation wants to compete in the global market and participate in global relations, in order to open the lines of communication with other countries we need to have a better grasp of English.

Md. Mizanur Rahman

Superb Cover Story

Shamim Ahsan's ICDDR.B in the Oct 24 issue is yet another superb Cover Story and a picture of a world renowned medical research institution where the "discovery (of) new ways to save lives" takes place and where a good number of young research scientists from home and abroad get world-class medical research training and experience. Many of them are now working in famed research institutions abroad including prestigious ones such as Princeton University, John Hopkins etc. Along with conducting scientific research the institution has a hospital that saves thousands of lives a year, particularly the ones suffering from diarrhoeal, malnutrition and infectious diseases. On going through this piece we realised how little we knew of this premier institution.
This institution is definitely a pride possession of this nation, which is funded and managed by multinationals with an increasing number of professionals in senior positions in various Divisions.
Thanks for presenting us beautiful pieces every Friday morning to which we always look forward.

Syed Waliullah

Internet version of SWM

I am a computer operator of a multinational company and a frequent visitor of Daily Star Internet Version. Its nice that its previous look has been changed to a modern one, but I have something to say about the SWM link. A few days ago, I was looking for a back issue (November 2002) of SWM but unfortunately it wasn't accessible anymore. In fact, many of the back issues are now expired or dislocated. It would be very helpful if those back issues could have been installed once again on the web page. Why should we forget the past?

Priyanka Mahmood
Dhanmondi, Dhaka

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