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November 7, 2003

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More British Council Branches

This is related to Mr. Juad's letter published on SWM's 24/10/03 issue. Apart from the British Council's library on Fuller road, there are no other branches of the library in Dhaka. This is indeed a problem for readers like us who live far from the place. We are deprived of the facilities that they provide. Perhaps the British Council would open a few more branches around the city, so that we get the opportunity to take advantage of the facilities -- having access to the good quality books that the British Council keeps in their library.
Naome Syed

Mahathir's Interpretation of Islam

I would like to thank the editor of SWM for choosing such a contemporary as well as important speech, (“Returning to Islam's Roots”) to publish in the Magazine. Mahathir Mohamad is known as the spokesman of the Muslim world. He reveals the crucial problems of the Muslim nations. He pointed out that the Muslim world is turning weak and desperate due to neglect and misinterpretation. I think his speech is a milestone for the guidance of the Muslim ”ummah.” I also agree with Mahathir that only a rational change among the Muslim people can rescue the ill-fated Muslims of the world; not by suicide attacks and angry messages. If the Muslims don't return to the real teachings of Islam, their misery will know no bound.
Anamul Huq
Dhaka University

A proposal of a new name

I am a regular reader of SWM but I have been observing for the past few weeks that many people are writing about Dhaka Diary. Many people suggest chang of name. Meanwhile Dhaka Diary and Khulna Diary are printed together. So I think the name Dhaka Diary should be changed and I hope name B.Desh Diary (Bangladesh Diary) will suit SWM.
Md. Abdullah Imran
Kushtia Government University


In reference to the article “ENGLISH MEDIUM STUDENTS: How Do They Do So Well?” by Ahmede Hussain, published in the Star Weekend Magazine dated October 31, 2003, I would like to clarify a point. Quoting from the article 'Enayet Mawla, a Sunbeams graduate, believes “the schools have been very 'commercial' and teachers are not teaching properly in the schools in order to attract more students to their home.” Interestingly, though Mawla's school does not permit its teachers giving private tuition, he went to a coaching centre for “extra help.”
These lines portray a very wrong image of Sunbeams school. Enayet Mawla had talked about schools being very commercial as a general view and that Sunbeams is totally different in this case. While talking to the writer Enayet had also mentioned that being in Sunbeams, I required very little private tuition and that teachers are not allowed to teach Sunbeams students.”
Enayet Mawla,

Our reply

From the letter it is quite clear that the writer has rightly quoted the concerned student. Any question of vilifying Sunbeams school does not arise; because, from the above quote, it is quite clear that the student has been referring to all English medium schools in general. Though being in Sunbeams, he required “very little private tuition,” and the teachers are not allowed to teach Sunbeams students, Enayet has also told the writer, as he is being quoted as saying, that he went to private tutors immediately before his exam to get 'extra help.” SWM stands by its cover story.
Star Weekend Magazine

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