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November 14, 2003

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Shame for the Nation

I am astonished how the concerned inept civil servants are still continuing with their jobs after such a grand failure in the 49th conference of CPA. They disgraced the whole nation by displaying their mismanagement and inefficiency. They even failed to play our national anthem in front of a thousand dignitaries. They should pay for tampering with our nation's pride. It is for these kind of people who will go unpunished on every occasion that we have secured the title of the world's number one corrupt country for three consecutive years. Corruption is everywhere, and anyone involved in any kind of mismanagement or scam often goes scot-free; they may even be rewarded for all the wrong reasons. So, in consistence with the voice of Monir in the letter published on October 7, 2003, I want to say that, Bangladesh is really now a hopeless place. The fact that we are sitting idle is a shame for this nation.
Mominul Hasan Rintu
Asian University

Kudos for Womenfolk

Iranian Human Rights activist Shirin Ebadi has received the 2003 Nobel Peace Prize. She is the first Muslim woman who has been honoured in such a way. This is a matter of pride for womenfolk world-wide. Her prize indicates that human rights, women empowerment and democracy should be decorated in a new shape. I hope human rights will be recognised in the days ahead. Hats off to Ebadi!

Molla Mohammad Shaheen
University of Dhaka


" It is with a sense of horror, that had nothing to do with the intended horror of the stories, I found that the Internet version of my 'The Haunted Abbey' (Oct. 17 & 24) was totally devoid of italics which rendered the italicised portions meaningless! The same was true of 'A Messenger of Love' (Oct. 31) where Mother Teresa's words have not been differentiated from mine (tantamount to crucifying the saint-to be!) Why has this happened and can it please be corrected?"
-- Neeman Sobhan.

Thank you for pointing out the problem which never happened earlier when the attachments intended for the Internet version were formatted directly. Recently a new method had to be used to resolve a glitch in the programme to avoid files getting corrupted, which required pasting the document through a command that completely erases italics and puts everything in a single font. We are extremely sorry for this error. We will resolve this ASAP.
--Editor, SWM

"Can't our ministers be punctual?"

In his article (October 31) in the Magazine, Mahfuz Anam has expressed disgust about the ministers not being punctual in attending functions which they 'grace' with their presence as chief guests or special guests, etc. It is sad indeed that we continue inviting them and they continue to disgrace us by their delays. In the past it was a mark of social prestige to have these people at our weddings and other ceremonies. Now their presence is becoming so common that they are not even reported in the newspapers, as it was the case before. I consider this a step forward. The public should also make a point not to invite ministers to 'grace' every function they are organise. We must ask ourselves whether inviting the government minister is very relevant to the occasion. It is unfair to blame the ministers alone. It is the members of the public who also share the blame as they often invite ministers unjustifiably putting constraint on the schedule of these busy men. In this regard, the media also has a responsibility. It should not report a minister's presence if it is not relevant to the occasion.
Rezaul Islam
Uttara, Dhaka

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