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November 21, 2003

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Celebrating Ramadan

Sanyat Sattar

It's Ramadan once again a month of mental and physical penance. It's the month of practising tolerance and brotherhood. Here are some of the books that reflected on the meaning and significance of the Ramadan.


Celebrating Ramadan
Diane Hoyt- Goldsmith
Holiday House; September 2002

This book follows devout Muslim Ibraheem, a fourth-grader living in New Jersey, through the holy month of Ramadan. The book begins with a brief but comprehensive introduction to Islamic faith and practice. Each of the five pillars of Islam is introduced in the text, which also carries relevant pictures. There is a series of six photographs in which Ibraheem demonstrates the postures involved in his daily prayers. The joy of Ramadan, which is often depicted as a solemn holiday, is captured well here as Ibraheem prays and plays with friends; This is a sensitive introduction to Ramadan; the quality of the photographs and the lucid text make the book the one of best introductions in recent times.


Ramadan and Id-Ul-Fitr
Rosalind Kerven
Evans Publishing Group; September 1999

The historical, cultural and religious importance of Ramadan is examined in this book through all the associations of food, costume, religious ceremonies, music and decorations. It includes the stories and legends which are integral to Christmas and there is an activity and a recipe which captures the spirit of the occasion.


Shuhaib Hamid Ghazi
Holiday House; September 1996

Every year, Muslims all over the world celebrate the coming of Ramadan, the holiest month of the Islamic calendar. It was during that month, 14 centuries ago, that Allah began revealing the holy book of Islam, the Quran, to Muhammad (S). Ghazi's clear and informative description of one boy's celebration of Ramadan is skillfully brought to life by Omar Rayyan's refreshing illustration.



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