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November 21, 2003

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Matrix Revolutions

Everything that has a beginning has an end.

Genre: Action / Thriller / Sci-Fi
Director: Larry Wachowski and Andy Wachowski
Rating: R for sci-fi violence and brief sexual content
Run Time: 2 hrs. 09 min
Distributor: Warner Brothers


Credited cast:

Keanu Reeves : Neo
Laurence Fishburne: Morpheus
Carrie-Anne Moss : Trinity
Hugo Weaving: Agent Smith
Mary Alice : The Oracle
Monica Bellucci: Persephone
Lachy Hulme: Sparks
Harold Perrineau Jr. : Link
Jada Pinkett: Smith Niobe
(and many many more)


Laurence Fishburne
Vital Stats:
Born: July 30, 1961
Birth Place: Augusta, Georgia
Nationality: American
Bio: Possessing as much flash, energy and intelligence as anyone currently in the game, Laurence Fishburne has certainly played his share of regulation black hoodlums and threats but also has benefited from colour-blind casting as his tour de force Broadway performance as England's King Henry II in a 1999 revival of "The Lion in Winter" attests. His role as Cowboy Curtis, best buddy to Pee-wee Herman on TV's legendary kid series "Pee-wee's Playhouse" (CBS), is another reminder of his tremendous versatility.


Carrie-Anne Moss
Vital Stats:
Born: August 21, 1967
Birth Place: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Nationality: Canadian
Bio: Striking Canadian import Carrie-Anne Moss, a dark-haired, alabaster skinned beauty, headed to Europe to pursue a modelling career and landed on American television, fulfilling her long-time goal of working as a professional actress. While in Europe, she was cast in the CBS series "Dark Justice" during the 1991-92 season when it was filmed in Barcelona. When the series moved to Los Angeles, Moss followed and did more professional acting work.


In the third installment, the epic war between man and machine reaches a thundering crescendo: the Zion military, aided by courageous civilian volunteers like Zee and the Kid, desperately battles to hold back the Sentinel invasion as the Machine army bores into their stronghold. Facing total annihilation, the citizens of the last bastion of humanity fight not only for their own lives but for the future of mankind itself. But an unknown element poisons the ranks from within: the rogue program Smith has cunningly hijacked Bane, a member of the hovercraft fleet. Growing more powerful with each passing second, Smith is beyond even the control of the Machines and now threatens to destroy their empire along with the real world and the Matrix.


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