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November 21, 2003

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The A's and O's of Success

I would like to extend my appreciation to the Star Weekend Magazine and Ahmede Hussain for the great cover story published on 31 October issue of SWM. I myself am a product of the English medium school system in Dhaka. While I did go to teachers for private tuition both during my O-Levels and A-Levels, I am a strict opponent of this. I believe it is high time that all the English medium schools in Dhaka take up the responsibilities that come with running a real school - i.e. teach the students properly, not expecting them to go to private tuition classes to learn what they need to. Too long have teachers from English medium schools in the country taken advantage of the system, drawing paycheques, both from the school and from the students.
Salman Sohail Chand
Indiana, USA

Good Cover Story

Shamim Ahsan has done it again! Congratulations for writing such a brilliant cover story. As usual SWM has succeeded in taking a topic that everyone can relate to and informing us more on it, as well as giving us the “nitty-gritty.” The article was extremely informative and helpful as well as interesting to read and well written. Please keep up the good work, SWM!
Ashraf Alam

The Problems with Shopping

It is certain that we, the city dwellers enjoy the openings of various supermarkets like Agora', Nandan, PQS and others. The overall systems, the goods and the goodies, the staff and the services provided are commendable. But there are some tiny issues that drew my attention. For example, the width of the lanes provided between two shelves of items are inadequate (especially when two-way traffic is involved). The people involved in its designing should have kept it in mind that this is just the beginning and there would be scores of these kind of stores in only a matter of years proving them eventually inefficient. One of the other things that bug me is the attitude of some people who would not bother to steal your queuing space even if you accidentally budge an inch off your line. It gets even worse when you find some people peeping at your trolley and scrutinising the stuff you have in it. Maybe they don't do it mindfully, but wouldn't it be nicer if people just minded their own business and make the shopping environment more pleasant?

The Diminishing Scoop

I loved reading Aasha Mehreen Amin's article on the stinginess of ice cream parlours in Dhaka. It is really true they are so stingy with the scoops of ice cream (or anything else for that matter). The problem with people in this country is that they think that the only way they can make any money is by conning people (thus we win the title for being the most corrupt nation in the world and people wonder why?) The concept of giving someone what they pay for is foreign, whether we as the consuming citizens are paying for ice cream, car repairs, or even batteries. One always has to double check to see if they are being tricked and cheated. What I want to know is whether it is because we are corrupt, or because we just don't know any better? Thank you Aasha Mehreen Amin for bringing this to my attention and making me think.
Shayma Rashid

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