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December 5, 2003

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Good Eid Issue

I liked the SWM issue of 21st November. There were quite a good number of very interesting stories, specially “Bangalis on Board”, “Ramadan in London”, “Eid at Home” . And of course the ever-funny Chintito. I also liked Mahfuz Anam's piece on the miserable condition of DMCH, but, since it was the Eid issue, I guess he could have written something on Eid, maybe how he spent his Eid when he was a child. I also loved the cartoon page very much. I wonder why you don't have a regular page on cartoon. I am sure a lot of readers would love a full page of cartoons.

Bangali Misdemeanours

In the last issue of Star Weekend Magazine Shawkat Hossain drew our attention to Bangali characteristics. He focused on how disorganised and undisciplined the Bangali people behave in the 'extra-national territory' like the 'the back of an aeroplane.' There is no denying the fact that if we really look at the behaviour of our extra-national frontier trekking brethren, then we would all be ashamed of the fact the we as a nation, have failed to produce responsible citizens. Evasion of truth is everywhere in the world today. Perhaps Bangalis are the one who top the list in being evasive. They have turned it into a national emblem. Kudos to Hossain who pointed out a few misdemeanours. But the sins lie in deeper regions. We cannot expect perfect gentlemen from a nation that is run by people who are trying stubbornly to build on evasion, subterfuge and falsehood.
Nadim Mahtab

On Persian Delights

In the last issue of STAR Weekend Magazine, there was an article on Persian Delights for Eid by Shobha Hejmadi and Anjali Vellody. I feel that the article gave a lot of taste to the magazine and helped spice up this already great weekend read. I wonder why the SWM team does not consider a new column for recipes and cooking as this article. I'm sure that it would be a great success and it would really help a lot of people to bring about a change to their everyday lifestyle.
Khadija Afroze
Crescent Road

The sudden Wake up of Mr B

Former president Badruddoza Chowdhury has lately become politically active. His sudden hyperactivity, after a long inertia, is simply inexplicable. When Bangladesh Nationalist Party launched the so-called Operation Clean Heart, and killed nearly three dozens of innocent civilians in the name of maintaining law and order, his voice remained unmistakably silent. Civil society, the self styled saviours of human rights and democracy; and Mr B's ultimate adobe, has never spent a word of protest against this mayhem. It is equally true about his presidency: as a president Mr B had acted like one of the BNP's the few faithful lapdogs, till the day the party ditched him. What makes him inspired to “save the nation” is foggy; and, what I have gathered from the newspaper makes me believe that, he is trying his best not to make it clearer.

Shabbir Hossain Joy,
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