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December 26, 2003

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Don't mess with the hat.

Genre: Adventure / Comedy / Fantasy
Director: Bo Welch
Distributor: Universal Pictures

Cast: Mike Myers, Spencer Breslin, Dakota Fanning, Alec Baldwin, Sean Hayes

Sally and Conrad are not to leave the house while their mom is at work; furthermore, they are forbidden from making a mess or misbehaving in any way. The kids are left with little to do besides sit and stare out of the window, while their babysitter, Mrs. Kwan, dozes in the den. Until their unexpected guest--a six-foot-tall talking feline, sporting a red-and-white-striped stovepipe hat--appears. The original party animal himself arrives to turn their world upside down by showing Sally and Conrad that "it's good to have fun--but you have to know how!"

Love Don't Cost A Thing but it pays to be yourself .

Genre: Comedy / Romance
Director: Troy Beyer
Distributor: Warner Bros.

Cast: Nick Cannon, Christina Milian, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Kal Penn, Steve Harvey

With his head always buried in a book or under the hood of a car, Alvin has spent the last three years of high school grinding away at his studies and working as a pool boy to earn extra cash. No doubt, Alvin's focus has paid off: he's finally saved enough Benjamins to finish building an engine he designed--an engine that's going to win him a much-needed college scholarship. But while Alvin is off the charts academically… socially, he's a big 'phat' zero. As he enters his senior year, Alvin is jonesing to kick his nerdy persona to the curb and somehow become cool enough to chill with ultra-popular students like Paris Morgan, the hottest girl in school and queen of the Elites. When Paris accidentally wrecks her mother's Cadillac Escalade, Alvin seizes the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and engineers a plan to launch him from pariah to player.

Source: IMDB.com/YahooMovies/Hollywood.com


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