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December 26, 2003

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Just a Little Off the Mark

Hiru was driving down the Dhaka-Aricha highway when he spotted Boltu standing in the middle of a huge field of grass. He pulled the car over to the side of the road and noticed that Boltu was just standing there, doing nothing, looking at nothing.
Hiru got out of the car, walked all the way out to Boltu and asked him, "Excuse me, what are you doing?"
Boltu replied, "I'm trying to win a Nobel Prize."
"How?" asked Hiru, puzzled.
"Well I heard they give the Nobel Prize to people who are out standing in their field."

Mainul stormed up to the front desk of the library and said, "I have a complaint!"
"Yes, sir?"
"I borrowed a book last week and it was horrible!"
"What was wrong with it?"
"It had way too many characters and there was no plot whatsoever!"
The librarian nodded and said, "Ahh. So you must be the person who took our phone book."

Bablu went to the doctor and said, "Doctor, I ache all over. Everywhere I touch it hurts."
The doctor said, "Okay, touch your elbow."
Bablu touched his elbow and winced in genuine pain.
The doctor, surprised, said, "Touch your head."
Bablu touched his head and jumped in agony.
The doctor asked him to touch his knee and the same thing happened.
Everywhere Bablu touched it hurt like hell.
The doctor was stumped and ordered a complete examination with X-rays etc., and told Bablu to come back after two days.
Two days later ablu came back and the doctor said, "We've found your problem..."
"Oh really? What is it ?"
“You've broken your finger!”


Chinese names: name and beyond
- Are you harbouring a fugitive? -- Hu Yu Hai Ding?
- See me A.S.A.P. -- Kum Hia Nao
- Stupid Man -- Dum Gai
- Small Horse -- Tai Ni Po Ni
- Did you go to the beach? -- Wai Yu So Tan?
-l I bumped into a coffee table. -- Ai Bang Mai Ni
- I think you need a facelift. -- Chin Tu Fat
- It's very dark in here. --Wai So Dim?
- Has your flight been delayed? -- Hao Long Wei Ting?
- That was an unauthorised execution. -- Lin Ching
- I thought you were on a diet. -- Wai Yu Mun Ching?
- This is a tow away zone. -- No Pah King
- Do you know the lyrics to the Macarena? -- Wai Yu Sing Dum Song?
- You are not very bright. -- Yu So Dum
- I got this for free. -- Ai No Pei
- I am not guilty. -- Wai Hang Mi?
- Please, stay a while longer. -- Wai Go Nao?
- Our meeting was scheduled for next week. --Wai Yu Kum Nao
- They have arrived. -- Hia Dei Kum
- Stay out of sight. -- Lei Lo
- He's cleaning his automobile. -- Wa Shing Ka
- Your body odour is offensive. -- Yu Stin Ki Pu



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