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December 26, 2003

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Icons of Inspiration

Last Friday's cover story on monuments of our Liberation War was indeed something quite refreshing. It is very hard to find new subjects related to '71 as everything has already been written about in the print media. This story made me think otherwise. It was very interesting to read about the thinking behind the building of these great structures that remind us of the people who sacrificed so much for freedom. Thanks to the writer Mustafa Zaman for this inspiring story!
Tanvir Hossain

Cover Story

I am so thankful to Mustafa Zaman for his amazing piece "War Memorials". As a person who grew up post independence, it is hard for me to fully comprehend how deep an impact our war had on its people. Also, I never really understood the symbolisation behind the many war memorials that I have seen countless times. Today, after reading the cover story of SWM (Dec 12 issue) I feel like I really am starting to finally get a proper understanding of what it really means to be Bangali. The struggles our people went through, what made us go on, what our artists were inspired by and what they, in turn, used to inspire us. I look at these war memorials differently altogether now. Thank you Mustafa Zaman for giving me this opportunity.
Saira Alam

Good Laughs

I just love your Jokes page. It has some of the funniest jokes I have ever heard. Every week I wait for the magazine and the first thing I read is this page as it instantly lifts up my spirits. I do wish, however, that sometimes you had local jokes though I understand it would be difficult to translate them without spoiling the punch line. Still, I do hope you get some local material.

Nothing is really Something

Shawkat Hussain's column is really one of the most enjoyable reads in SWM. He is witty without trying too hard to be so and yet he always addresses an issue that is relevant to our reality. I was particularly impressed with his criticism of Dr. Badrudozza's unimpressive comments regarding his 'vision' of a third force. I think the doctor should stick to his suave eloquent advice on health matters rather than give out stale ideas about how to cure the society. At the same time one cannot but help being curious about what he really intends to do with his newfound fame. I also laud Shawkat Hussain for asking that minister in Bangkok why he hadn't done something about the health sector of his own country. We really need to ask our ministers straight up to their faces why they are doing such a poor job of running the country. Many ministers and high officials go off to Bangkok or some other country for medical treatment but they are not at all concerned about the sufferings of their own people back home. Our hospitals are in a mess, our doctors are becoming too commercial, the diagnostic centres are not working properly and corruption pervades all the general hospitals. Need I say more?
Mustafizur Rahman

Blurry SWM

When SWM started its full colour version no one was as excited as I was. I liked reading the magazine but I always found it a bit drab because most of the pages were not in colour. Lately however, I find that your printing is quite irregular. Some of the pages are really beautiful and clear while others are just blurry and give the magazine an amateurish look. Last week for example, the Newsnotes page was so interesting but the pictures in the magazine I got were quite hazy and somehow spoilt the momentum of the pages. Please be consistent about your printing.
M. Quddus

Applauding Newsnotes

I am a regular reader of SWM and was thrilled to see two new additions -- Newsnotes and Voicebox. The quotes in Voicebox make an interesting read. The cartoon accompanying Voicebox is very funny and goes perfectly with the quotes. One criticism though the way the quotes are displayed is quite boring. Can't you liven it up a bit? Newsnotes is also quite interesting to read. Plus it doesn't take a lot of time.
Surya Sen Hall

Fuss about Taslima

Again Taslima Nasrin is in the news. Now it's because she's written a book on her past loves who happen to be eminent intellectuals. Honestly, doesn't she have anything better to do? This is the cheapest gimmick she has come up with. She is a good writer and I admire her frankness but I think she is too caught up with getting attention -- no matter how. She should stop these cheap stunts and start writing good novels again.
Tahera K. Islam

Health Page

I have noticed that SWM often uses the internet as a source for the Health page. I wish the Editor would inspire our doctors to write. They can write on many aspects of their subject such as common medical problems and preventive measures. Our doctors need motivation to serve our citizens in every way they can. SWM should get our doctors, perhaps retired physicians, to contribute to the Health page rather than taking things from the internet.
Dr. Lailun Nahar


Thank you SWM for publishing the article titled A War that Cannot be Won, by Jonathan Steele from the Guardian. It is comforting to know that all the people of the so-called Western media aren't complete duffers and actually fault Bush and Blair. It is also important to realise that they do not only put the blame on Islam. I think it is especially important for the media in the West to be extra careful about what they say because people rely solely on the media for their information and their opinion basing. Please publish such articles in the future.
Tania Reza

Taslima Nasrin

Please refrain from giving Taslima Nasrin so much publicity. Isn't it bad enough she is getting so much as it is? It is not that I dislike her because I am a religious person. In fact I am quite the opposite. My problem with Taslima Nasrin is that she is an idiot of the first order who uses sensationalism to gain fame. Come on lets be serious, as Bangalis (who are known to be intellectual snobs) would we let Taslima Nasrin near our bookshelves if she wasn't such a controversial writer? NO. She uses taboo subjects that are loaded with political, religious and cultural connotations, and tries to shock the public into reading her horribly written books. She does not deserve the publicity she has gotten, so please do not give her what she wants.
Hassan Wahed
New York

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