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January 2, 2004

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Celebrating the Flight of Man

Zainul Gallery was the venue for a Photography show of three men who are also involved in three different vocations. They had a common goal, -- celebration of hundred years of invention of the first flying machine. They put their best pictures of today's machines in flight and stationed on land. Enam Al Haque is a nature and bird enthusiast, Enam Talukder is a pilot of Biman Bangladesh, and Sarif Sarkar an airforce officer, forms a trio. Together they captured the imagination of the visiting throng with their visual adventures. Haque’s pictures of shadows of aeroplane presented in a batch were his best yield. The other two, it seems, has this knack for precision that makes every piece delectable. While Enam and his friend Sarif has this propensity for skyscape, they also have their own chosen nooks. In a few near black and white photographs Enam captures scenes like cleaning of the passenger plane in its hanger, or a silhouetted dog posing in front of a plane that carries a kangaroo logo. Sharif on the other hand is into bird's eye views. His camera simply swoops on the land below, and captures majestic structures like the Shangshad Bhaban, the National Monument or even people gathered to greet a government chief. The show titled Akasher Thikanai kicked off on 17 and lasted till 23 of December.

Photo: Sarif Uddin Sarker


Inaugurated at 3 p.m. December17, Spacefest 2003 was a three day long bonanza for science buffs. This time it was the Wright Brothers’ invention, the first aeroplane, that was the central theme. Every event was centred on that discovery. In fact, December17, 2003 marks the centenary of the first flying machine. Although the gloomy weather impeded the plan to float the planes of Dalchut, another outfit that caters to children with interest in travelling, the event successfully ended on December 21. A competition of making models of aircraft was held on December 19. Air Parabat sponsored a plane ride for the first three winners from two groups of contestants. Sky Observation, exhibition, seminars, quiz contest were the highlights of the three-day-long festival.

Nur Mohammad in front of the model he made after Kitty Hawk, the first aeroplane.

Chobir Hut

Chobir Hut is an adventure into informal exhibition. Exhibiting out in the open is nothing new. Yet in Dhaka, art has gained such an exclusive status that; except for occasional aberrations the ideas to hold shows and sales in public places has never gained ground. A few ex-students have challenged the norms. By materialising a plan to have a show every Friday at a corner of the Surwardy Uddan, opposite Institute of Fine Arts, they are proving that an open market of art does work. Launched on Victory Day to take advantage of the opportunity of having a huge throng in the area, the Chobir Hut is all set to attract both art lovers and buyers. It has already seen people showing interest in looking at art, and has set off a habit of buying art from the artists. The prices of art pieces are nominal compared to a steady and steep rise in mainstream galleries, as it is the artists themselves who are running the Chobir Hut, which literally means the art market.


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