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January 2, 2004

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Good Article

I am very impressed with Mehzabin Ahmed's article titled "Life Outside the Bubble” in the December 12th issue of SWM. I honestly appreciate her statements which seem like they come straight from her heart. I agree with what she has written, comparing classism to racism. Prejudice is a reality, which varies with colour, class and religion. Most rich countries see themselves as generous and open minded about different races and backgrounds, but I don't see it as the truth. Prejudiced people think they can do what they wish because they are either rich or white, and all the people in between fall victim to their discrimination.
M Rahman


I am a regular reader of SWM and I have an objection. Why does Mita only answer the letters related to love? I realise we all have limited knowledge but I wish you would answer questions about things aside from love as well. We live in the most corrupt country in the world. When looking at these problems love centred issues don't seem to be all that important. Catering to this love-sickness will only make us fall deeper into inefficiency.
A Reader

Bad Printing

Why is your printing so bad? You are a good magazine with very good material and good writers but your printing always (it seems) ruins your hard work. Your pictures are all doubled up and your fonts are all blurry and unreadable. I wonder what is the point in buying a magazine if you cannot read half the contents in it? This is something that you should really take care of and look into in the future.

What to do?

Nadia Kabir Barb's "A Fair to Remember" was light-hearted, witty and oh-so-real! It is funny to think that other moms have the same problem as me. And my kids too, wait until the last minute to tell me so that I have to rush and almost get an ulcer. At the end of the day, we moms always manage somehow (although I really haven't figured out how just yet!) It's true, in reality we really should say no, and teach them not to volunteer someone else for a job without asking that person, but how can you say no to your kids? And if you do, their poor little minds will think it is the greatest tragedy of their lives (even though it is far from that). Where do we draw the line between protecting their innocent minds and teaching them well deserved and well needed lessons?
Tamarra Khan

SWM's Changes

I am a long time fan of SWM and have been witness to its various changes throughout the years. I have noticed that in the last year you have gone through a lot of changes, such as making the magazine full colour, changing people in your staff, having political cartoons, etc. I like your newest editions to the magazine: Voicebox and News Notes. I request the Quote Master, Ahmede Hussain to keep up the good work and also if he could, think of even more ridiculously funny quotes. The ones in the December 19th issue were a little stale.
Hamid Alam

Chintito is making me chintito too

Chintito's article really is a source of worry for me. Although I was aware of the situation in our country I definitely did not think it was this bad. I feel now that the situation in the country is unbearable and we are almost out of hope. How can we condone such gross violence and disregard for human rights? Are our leaders that selfish that they just don't care what happens to their people? It is frustrating that nobody cares about the masses. Perhaps I am naïve. Perhaps I just don't know enough about the social, political and economic structure of Bangladesh but I do realise that this is not the way to live.
Sadia Kareem
Los Angeles

Unacceptable Typos

Being somewhat of a fan of SWM I am very particular about the typos that I find while reading. Lately I have noticed that there are some really obvious typos that even a Class V student would have noticed. Have you stopped being careful about editing? As a regular reader I have always taken pride in the fact that SWM has a very high standard of English which is a rare phenomenon in this country. So typos in the headlines and also inside the articles are just unacceptable. Please be more careful about these things in the future.
J. Perrera

Pitiful State

The country's law and order situation has gone beyond the realm of fiction. Everyday we have to read about gruesome murders like brutal killings of fathers and sons in front of other family members. But funnily after a day or two we forget about them because there is another gruesome murder to think about. When will the government open its eyes and do something to stop the killing of innocents? We would also like to see more follow up stories on the victims so that they are not forgotten as yesterday's news.
Shafiul Azam

Good Website!

I am very impressed with your internet version of both the magazine and the newspaper. I live abroad and used to always check the internet version of The Daily Star in the past but I thought the internet version was quite boring and mundane. Recently after a long time I went back to the site and was completely shocked at the transformation! Congratulate your web designer for me -- he/she did an excellent job in making over your web site!

Just an Opinion

I am a regular reader of SWM and look forward to it every Friday morning. I like most of the articles by your staff writers and contributors including the columns by "Chintito" and Nadia Barb. I also enjoy "Dhaka Diary" and the recent "Newsnotes" and "Voicebox" which cover the most important recent happenings and even sayings. I look forward to even newer additions to the magazine, perhaps a regular series of interviews of celebrities as well as people who are trying to contribute to society with their work but are not very well-known. What does disappoint me, however, is the physical and/or technical quality of your magazine. The beauty of such good writing is marred by the paper it is on and especially the rather bad printing. My copy of the last issue, as was the case with many others, had many pages of blurred print. Especially with pages where pictures and illustrations are important such as "New Flicks", bad quality printing is a major setback. Please see if you can improve the printing quality of SWM as well as make refreshing changes in matter and style every once in a while as you have been doing.
Shayla Rahman

Unfairness in BCS Exam

I was sitting for the 24th Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) Written Examination. I saw unbelievable things happen there. During the English Written Examination most of the candidates hid guidebooks in their clothes, some took photocopies of the guidebooks and others were going to the bathroom with their mobile phones. It seemed to be a free market of copying in the examination hall. The sad thing is that the duty teacher was standing in front of the room. When the PSC visitors came, he (the duty teacher) only said, "Be careful, PSC visitors are coming?" Similar things occurred during the Everyday Science & Mathematics examination. I have always hated cheating and I felt seriously disturbed when someone was dragging my answer script or copying my answers. Those who lead our administration are being unfair in the first class job recruitment process! If this is how it is, what will our future administration be? Our PSC should be more careful about the unfair means exercised during the BCS and other examinations under it.
Md. Zillur Rahaman

Dear Readers,

Our New Year’s gift for you is a revamped 40 Page issue with new items to make your magazine more enjoyable. Please let us know what you think about the changes in the magazine. Your opinions will be highly appreciated.
--SWM Editor

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