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January 2, 2004

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The Good The Bad And The Ugly


Srabonti Narmeen Ali

Bangla Music


1. Bangla: Kinkortobbo Bimorho--Bangla has found its way to the heart of Bangalis by mixing baul and lalon music with western instruments the very first of its kind. It is one of Bangladesh's most popular band and has fans in all parts of Bangladesh.
2. Black: Utshober Pore-- Alternative rock band Black's first album was a huge success and this follow up second album was a good successor. Although this album was not as good as their first, the band still managed to keep its place by producing one of the best albums this year.
3. Aurthohin: Dhrubo-- Aurthohin is a funk rock band, which is known for experimenting with their instruments. Their single "Guti from hell," for example, is composed with 200 bpm of drumming, which makes it a unique speed method.
4. Produced by Shumon from Aurthohin: Agontuk 2-- It is an album featuring a number of different bands. This is the first time 13 new underground bands taken up by. The album features groups such as Aurthohin, Nemesis, Cryptic Fate, Breach and Artcell.
5. Habib: Krishno- - Fusion


1. Warfaze: Moharaj-- Although Warfaze used to be quite popular, their last album did not really live up to their standards, which could be due to a change in band members. Their compositions and lyrics are not adequate. Although they claim their album is a hit it is questionable.
2. Tishma: Tara-- Known as the Britney Spears of Bangladesh, Tishma's albums sell. However, somehow it is believed that, like Britney Spears, her album was a success because of her steamy videos. Her lyrics song compositions are mediocre
3. Subconscious: Matir Deho-- Known as a commercial band that does not really have anything special going for them their lyrics and compositions are ordinary.
4. Produced by Tone and Tune: Prothom Chitkar-- Unfortu-nately for all the band featured in this compilation of a number of bands, the production of this album was far from promising. The songs were decent but were cut or destroyed halfway. Cheap production house, bad mixing
5. Metal Maze: Ojana Odhyay-- This album is not up to the mark, and not doing well while they are at it.

English Music


1. 50 Cent: Get Rich or Die Tryin'-- Hip Hop artist 50 cent has busted through the charts with his hit single In Da Club. His catchy beats and racey lyrics add to his popularity.
2. Beyonce: Dangerously in Love-- Destiny's Child's dreamgirl Beyonce Knowles came out with her first hit album this year, with hit singles Bonnie and Clyde and Crazy in Love, featuring artists like Jay Z. Her soulful voice mixed with hip hop flavoured beats made this album a hit.
3. Dido: Live for Rent-- Although Dido's most recent album sounds very similar to her other ones she must be doing something right. The first song on the track, White Flag is one of the more popular, with her melodious voice and her powerful lyrics.
4. Evanescence: Fallen-- Alternative rock band Evanescence came out with their second album this year, which has been selling like hotcakes. One of the more popular is the song Bring Me to Life.
5. Asian Vibe: Body and Soul-- This two CD collection is a mix of various artists of a Electronica, Asian Underground and Drum and Bass. The CDs feature Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Massive Attack, Nitin Sawhney, Punabi MC and Robert Miles.


1. Kylie: Body Language-- Although Kylie's last two comeback albums were quite successful, this latest one, featuring songs like Red Blooded Woman and I Feel for You, did not do as well. The songs are ok, but nothing is overly new or unique about them. The five foot wonder from Australia needs a new gimmick, it seems.
2. John Mayer: Heavier Things-- John Mayer has a good voice, pretty good compositions, decent lyrics and even a unique and different style. For some reason, however, his album is just not selling. Sorry John, there is definitely, as you sang in this new album, "Something Missing."
3. Britney Spears: In the Zone-- Although her first single "Me Against the Music," featuring pop diva Madonna was a hit, people are not very satisfied with the pop princess' new album. My question is were they ever and if so WHY?
4. Jennifer Lopez: Playin' it By Heart-- Nobody ever said JLO was an amazing singer but at least her songs had snappy, upbeat rhythms. Now they are just depressing and badly sung.Her new album, with songs like Dear Ben, (apparently written for and to ex boyfriend Ben Affleck), has disappointed her fans. Someone please tell her to stop trying to be so deep.
5. Disturbed: The Sickness-- This metal band's name and its album's title says it all. Somehow they perceive themselves to be back in the 1980's, when screaming lead singers and toneless guitar playing was the in-thing. The album is just noise and not much else


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