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January 2, 2004

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SWM's Wishlist
for the year

From the SWM Desk

  • Newspapers should ban the term "gay girls" when referring to prostitutes
  • Men with long hennaed beards wearing tupis should refrain from ogling at young women
  • Taslima Nasrin should stop subjecting the world to her crass publicity stunts and go back to serious writing.
  • There should be portable toilets on the streets so that men can refrain from relieving themselves on the streets
  • Pedestrians should remember that it is not just enough to look both ways before crossing the street; they must also stop for oncoming traffic
  • Drivers should accept that it is customary for them to drive on only one side of the road, instead of trying to manipulate both sides in a zig-zag fashion
  • People should stop founding new NGO's every month
  • People should stop electing criminals for Parliament
  • Sheikh Hasina should stay in the country more rather than attending obscure foreign conferences
  • People at conferences should not sleep while the speaker is giving a lecture
  • When at a conference or any formal public gathering, a person should realise that it is just etiquette to silence their phone instead of picking it up and talking as loudly as possible
  • George Bush should stop declaring war on any Muslim country that suits him
  • Instead he should take off his cowboy boots and hat and grow a beard so that he too, finds himself in the shoes of a "devout" Muslim man
  • Aerosol and other mosquito repellent products should be manufactured according to our mutant mosquitos that have now become immune to everything
  • People should refrain from hacking and spitting on other peoples' shoes
  • Saddam lookalikes should shave off their beards and face reality
  • Kazi Gias should stop painting and take up cosmetology
  • City mayor Khoka should stop meddling with road dividers
  • Rickshaw-wallahs and CNG drivers should stop suffering from the misconception that they are superior in size and not attempt to take over jeeps and trucks.
  • Truck drivers and Bus drivers should be made to actually pass the driver's license test
  • Traffic rules should be understood more carefully: Green means GO, Red means STOP
  • Sectarian violence should be openly denounced by the government and society
  • Load shedding and water shortages should not be tolerated as a normal occurrence
  • Acid throwing, rape, domestic abuse and other acts of violence against women should be socially condemned instead of being accepted as one of the vices of society
  • Young girls should not feel threatened walking home from school
  • Single women should not be asked why they are not married by people who have no business knowing in the first place
  • The American media should stop pretending they are 'free and objective'
  • The British should get rid of the monarchy; it's too expensive
  • A road should not be paved and destroyed according to which Minister's house is on it and how powerful he is
  • SWM should have better quality paper
  • Religious intolerance should not be condoned
  • Regardless of religion, people should be allowed practice their religion in peace, without resistance
  • Students attending university should realise that they are there for education, and not to make political statements
  • Dhaka University should pay more attention to the safety of their students and renovate old, crumbling buildings
  • Students should not be able to harass and threaten their professors
  • Professors, teachers and/or tutors should not be allowed to get into relationships with their students

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