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January 9, 2004

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The New Year has started with a cold spell, chilling Bangladeshis to the bone, making them struggle to keep warm. With temperatures falling as low as 9 degrees Celsius, life for the ordinary citizen has become all the more harsh. The rivers are hard to cross in the thick mist, parents try hard to bundle up the young ones and the poor try to warm up with bonfires on the street. But amongst the bleakness of a cloudy, icy winter day is the unique pleasure of savouring hot, soft bhapa pittha with its mouth-watering centre, a delicacy that can be found in almost every street corner.

From Top (L-R): STAR FILE PHOTO, Zahidul I Khan, Zahidul I Khan, SK Enamul Haq, Zahidul I Khan, SK Enamul Haq, Zahidul I Khan.


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