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January 16, 2004

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Where the Beach Meets the Bazaar


3rd edition Paul Harding 224pp, 16pp colour 33 detailed maps

Goa is unlike any other part of India. Its beautiful shores on the east coast of India have always been in demand by interlopers - from the Portuguese, who ruled Goa for four centuries, to the hippy travellers of the '70s in search of a nice stretch of sand to 'drop out' for a while.

Goa is still in great demand as a sun, sand and sea destination but these days it attracts a more eclectic tourist crowd. With a character quite distinct from the rest of India, you're as likely to see backpackers and package tourists as you are Indian holiday-makers from all over the country, relaxing in Goa.

According to Lonely Planet's new guide to Goa, Goan people display "an easy-going tropical indulgence, humour and civility". And who can blame them? For over 105km, Goa's beautiful beaches stretch almost uninterrupted along the coastline. In some places traditional fishing boats line the sand; and behind the dunes, among the coconut palms, lie sleepy villages.

If you care to leave the beach for a day or two you'll discover Goa's other attractions. Richly decorated, whitewashed churches are scattered throughout the countryside while magnificent cathedrals at Old Goa (a World Heritage site) provide a fascinating insight into the state's colonial history. Jump in a dugout canoe and explore the mangroves or get caught up in one of Goa's famous markets. There's no end of unhurried activities ot enjoy.

Lonely Planet's guide to Goa includes tips on how to choose the perfect beach, enjoy the tastiest food and haggle for the best bargain. Information on gateway cities Mumbai and Chennai is included plus 33 detailed maps to help orientate those inclined to leave the beach.

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