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January 16, 2004

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Who is he?

After the capture of Saddam Hussein, American president George. W. Bush is making some ludicrous statements. HE wants Saddam Hussein to be punished with the death penalty for his crimes. Who is he to decide the fate of another country's president or dictator? Are leaders from other countries allowed to investigate the assassination of John. F. Kennedy or the assasination attempt on Ronald Reagan? It is impossible to think even imagine . The CIA is apparently conducting further investigations on this matter. My question is why can't the UN decide on this issue? It has become habitual for Americans to poke their noses in a country's affairs. Saddam was indeed a dictator but who are you to judge him?

Badal Hasib, Mohammadpur, Dhaka

SWM's Alteration

I am a bookworm of SWM and have seen its changes throughout the year. I am impressed with its newest additions such as Newsnotes and Voicebox. I am especially pleased to see double pages "Letters", "Dhaka Dairy", and "Write to Mita." I read your printed version of SWM every weekend but sometimes visit your website which is also excellent. My observation of the website is that SWM doesn't conserve your backdated issues. My earnest request to SWM to do so in the future.

Md.Zillur Rahaman, Gandaria, Dhaka

Too harsh?

I was going through the magazine on January 2nd when I came across Shamim Ahsan's article titled "When laws are used unlawfully." It was a surprise for me to see the name of AC Akram as a killer among the three other murderers and terrorists. This is the only police officer in the history of Bangladesh to have been awarded both the BPM and PPM twice. In his whole career he had NO bad records, only success stories. Mr. Ahsan has portrayed this man a killer and compared him with three other murderers but none of the other co-accused of this particular case. On top of this, no member of Rubel's family has accused this man of being a killer. Isn't it possible that AC Akram is the victim of professional and departmental jealousy? Mr. Ahsan is very vocal about the unruly activities of the judiciary and law enforcing agencies but what about the press? Are they performing their duties honestly? As part of the common people I urge Mr. Ahsan to make a thorough inquiry about this case and publish the results in the dailies so that we know the facts instead of just taking wild guesses.

Feroze Raihan, Arambag, Dhaka

Delighted to know about Tagore's generation

I am a habitual reader of SWM. On 26th December, I was pleased to read "Meeting La Tagore" by Neeman A. Sobhan. On her feature, we got to know a member of Tagore's next generation specially Sharmila Tagore. I think her behaviour should be an example for every woman in Bangladesh. She is bold and beautiful. She is not only popular to the masses, but also within her own family. I encourage SWM to publish these types of features more often. I also thank again Neeman A. Sobhan for writing the feature.

Sujit Basak, Nobabpur, Dhaka

Foods of those neglected

Thank you for the SWM cover story ´Biting More Than We Can Chew´
by Aasha Mehreen Amin, published on January 2, 2004. I have read the article with interest. Since most of the readers of SWM are from higher and middle class, many of them are suffering from obesity and related problems resulting from dietary habits. This article is well served to the target group. However, what about the diet and food habits of the other people of Bangladesh? I am talking about the poor people living in villages and thousands living in the Bastis of Dhaka city. Millions of people are affected by manga, floods or cyclones every year. There are tens of thousands of beggars in Bangladesh. What about the dietary pattern of those neglected people? I hope SWM will not neglect them. I expect someone will write on this topic in future.

Subrata Kumar Biswas, Sao Paulo, Brazil

Reader-friendly Magazine

I can't help offering my glowing tribute to SWM for its glorious entrance to a new promising year. Adieu 2003, Welcome 2004. Another eventful year slipped into eternity, heralding a new year bringing lasting peace, justice and prosperity for the world. As an avid reader I am in the opinion that SWM is the English magazine that has earned the loyalty and admiration of thousands of readers. With continuity SWM is always committed to publish innovative and investigative reports, cover stories, news items and other spicy material.
The recent changes brought about i.e., Voicebox, Newsnotes, Theology, Dhaka Diary, New Flicks, International News, Nothing If Not Serious, Wildlife, Fiction, Reflections and Perspectives shed light on various national and international news, views and events. But it is highly regrettable that Weekend Musings is not being continually published. We want more objective and entertaining additions to SWM that delve into the real picture of our social, economic and political scenario.

Md. Aminul Islam, University of Dhaka.

Who are we?

Thanks Naeem Mohaiemen for your article, A Love Story: Life without Bollywood. It was a quite entertaining. I live in New York, but when I visit my country every year I find that day by day we are occupied by Indian filmy culture. We may find that, after a few years, our children speak Bangla in Hindi accents or they are more comfortable with Hindi than Bangla. Now our cultural icons are Amitabh, Shah Rukh Khan and Madhuri. Now we read Arundhati Roy, Vikram Seth but we don't know about Sawkot Osman or Aktaruzaman Ilias.
My mom never liked Hindi movies or any Indian movies except ones with Uttom Kumar and Suchitra Sen. I never saw her watching a Hindi movie but on my last visit to Dhaka from New York I found that after 9:00 pm she forgets everything, sits with the remote and watches all the Hindi soaps until midnight.
During my three weeks visit in Dhaka I found that in every social gathering my sisters, aunts and even grandmothers were talking about what will happen to Parvati or Shina Bhabi. At first I thought that they were new in-laws of our family. I realised later that they were characters of Hindi TV serials. What is going on here? Do we not know who we are anymore?

Rashid Mamun, New York

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