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January 16, 2004

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Dear Mita,
I am an M.Com. student. My mother passed away some days ago. She was a cancer patient and I had to spend around Tk. 70,000 for her treatment, all of which I collected in loans. My father and younger brother live with me. Besides studying, I work at an NGO for four hours every day for which I'm paid a monthly salary of Tk. 1500. We don't have any land or any other sources of income. Now I want to get myself admitted into the MBA programme at Dhaka University but I need money for this. How can I collect it? Am I too ambitious? Please tell me what I can do and how I can get into DU MBA.

Dear T,
You are not being overly ambitious at all. You want to go ahead in life and getting a good education is the best guarantee for that. I am sorry I do not have any solution for your problem. You will have to approach you friends and relatives to get the resources for you MBA. The way is doing brilliantly in the admission examination and appealing for a scholarship.

Dear Mita,
I am studying A' Levels at a reputed school in Dhaka. I have been totally crazy about this girl for the past year or so. It started off pretty badly. She had broken up with her boyfriend and I tried to be her "hero" in disguise and mend her broken heart. We became best friends. After a month or so, I expressed my feelings for her. She took it calmly but said she was in no position to go out with anyone at the moment. I decided to remain patient and wait. After several months, we started to get a little physical but we weren't going out! She's not the type of girl who does these sorts of things but she keeps saying that she is happy this way and isn't ready for another relationship right now. No one knows about our relationship -- it's a pretty "hush hush" affair. Am I right in waiting to win her officially or should I just move on?
--Messed Up

Dear Messed Up,
I think it is right to wait as she is obviously not ready for any serious relationship. I do not think that your "move on" tactic will work. The best way is to continue to be her friend and wait till she agrees. Perhaps there are issues that she wants settled before she commits herself.

Dear Mita,
I'm a 23-year-old man with a small job. My problem is that I have two older, unmarried relatives who don't seem to be getting married anytime soon. I, on the other hand, want to get married soon. It is difficult in our rural society for a man to marry before his elders. He is often criticised and made fun of. But I don't know how much longer I can go on like this. How can I solve this problem?

Dear MAH,
These are very old-fashioned ideas. If you feel ready to take on the responsibility of marriage then you should go ahead. Your elders must decide for themselves and this should not determine your life. The important thing is to find the right partner.



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