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January 16, 2004

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"It's me who have made them journalists. I thought they would write positive reports, but they are not doing so,"
VC of Patuakhali Technology University
referring to the beating up of the correspondent of the daily Ittefaq and Prothom Alo allegedly by JCD cadres.

"A three-day old baby doesn't need warm clothes, mother's warmth is enough,"
Abdul Bari Khan
DC of Nilfamari, while distributing warm clothes among the poor.

"In the lower courts verdicts are given in exchange of money"
Abdul Awal Mintu
at a function hosted by Projonmo Ekattor.

"He even learned words of English, like rubbish and surrender . He was clearly preparing himself for surrender."
Muwaffak Rubaiya
one of the four Iraqi governing council, on the readiness of Saddam Hussein to be captured by the Americans.

"[Musharraf's]survivability is very important to us."
A senior foreign policy aide
in the US Senate

"He [Musharraf] is riding many angry tigers in that country, and some are reaching back to bite him."
Chuck Hagel
US Senator and a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

"Are they Americans? I love them!"
A revolutionary guard
in Iran after an encounter with American visitors who went to Bam to help earthquake victims.

"I don't care if they come to help. I hate them."
A member of the Baseej militia in Iran seeing Americans arriving to help after Bam earthquake.

"The grand alliances are dead with a few trusted friend, America must carry on alone."
Charles Krauthammen
in the essay column in Time Magazine.

Compiled by: AHMEDE HUSSAIN. Quotes can be sent to <dsmagazn@gononet.com>

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News: The insignia of police loses the nouka (boat)
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