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January 30, 2004

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For the most cautious man on Earth, life is about to get interesting.


Genre: Comedy / Romance
Director: John Hamburg
Distributor: Universal Pictures

Cast: Ben Stiller, Jennifer Aniston, Debra Messing, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Hank Azaria (and more)

Ben Stiller plays risk-averse Reuben Feffer, whose best-laid plans for life and love careen wildly off track when his bride dumps him on their honeymoon for a muscle-bound scuba instructor. Stunned, humiliated and in the grip of acute indigestion, Reuben plans to play it safer than ever. But a chance encounter with an adventure-craving, childhood friend named Polly (Jennifer Aniston) shoots him into a whirlwind of extreme sports, spicy foods, ferrets, salsa dancing and living in the moment.



Be careful what you wish for.

Genre: Animation / Family / Comedy
Director: Timothy Bjorklund and Timothy Björklund
Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures

Cast: Nathan Lane, Shaun Fleming, Rob Paulsen, Debra Jo Rupp, David Ogden Stiers (and more)

A comedic tale that centres around "Spot", a talking canine whose ultimate wish is to become "a real boy". When the opportunity presents itself--through the DNA manipulations of wacko scientist Dr. Ivan Krank, Spot quickly follows his family--his best friend and master, Leonard, and their mother, fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Halperman--to Florida in order to make the evolution to human form. However, Dr. Krank's experiments have had far from perfect results--witness mosquito girl and alligator boy--and although Spot's transformation to human is complete, not all calculations are exactly correct.

Source: IMDB.com / YahooMovies.com


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