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January 30, 2004

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Cover Story

January 16th's cover story was amazing. It was very insightful and revealing. We have seen so many of Anwar Hossain’s famous pictures and admired them from afar, but this story took us on a journey into the life of this talented and intense artist. It also gave us a glimpse of his versatility and how he has ventured into other media. I applaud the writer Mustafa Zaman for his eloquent and lucid style of writing, which is always a pleasure to read. I thank SWM for providing us with these informative and refreshing stories. Please keep it up.
Promila Shaha, Lalbagh

Good Issue

The January 9th issue of SWM was an interesting one. Though the cover story was too traditional, other articles were really fantastic. Nadia Kabir Barb’s article was much better than the one she wrote in the previous issue. It was pleasing to read about the coming movie Bachelor. The real joy was going through the articles of Hasan Shaheed and Nabila Idris. Richa Jha's writing shows that she has enough insight into the nature of men. Jokes were excellent. These jokes are preferable to the boring and traditional local jokes we sometimes read. I want to thank all the SWM writers for enriching the magazine with their writing.
Wajahat Anwar Mirpur, Dhaka

Coaching Centres

Quite a large number of coaching centres have emerged in our country recently. Coaching centres are found in big cities, towns and even villages. Their usefulness is questionable if their aim is fixed on the sole basis of earning money. Teachers should be devoted to giving proper lessons and educating the youngsters of today using modern methods. For their proper functioning a guideline should be laid down and English should be incorporated as well.
Fatima Rashid, Dhanmondi, Dhaka

I read Richa…

Count me in as the sixth person who reads Richa Jha's articles. I am sure there must be many more who aren't necessarily critics and would prefer reading a good humorous article with sharp observations. I liked Richa's articles on visiting a school in her best dress, the one at a pizza place where you find sharp comments on the snobs of society. That's good reading material; everyone needn't write on war, inequality etc. But then some of Richa's nostalgic monologue pieces like 'Sholay' or the girly 'doll house' were rather boring. Anyway, I would congratulate Richa for being a 'full-time' mother (and a part time wife probably) and being able to churn out a page or two for us every weekend (Richa and Chintito gets read first).
Mujib ul Huque, Nayapaltan, Dhaka

Due to the Eid-ul-Azha holidays Friday February 6th’s issue of the SWM cannot be published. We regret the inconvenience.

On Barrister Huda

While addressing the inaugural ceremony of the conference of the Islamic Chhatra Shibir(ICS), (student front of the Jamaat-e-Islami), communication minister Barrister Nazmul Huda said on 30/12/03 that, Jamaat did not commit any crime by demanding the non-separation of Pakistan in 1971. If he thinks that what Jamaat "did" in 1971 was correct, then would he also say that by proclaiming the independence of Bangladesh on behalf of Bongobondhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and also participating in the Liberation War, General Ziaur Rahman made a great mistake or even commited a crime? Ziaur Rahman was given the second highest award of the country, 'Bir Uttam' for his heroism in the war against Pakistan. Would Barrister Nazmul Huda now tell PM Khaleda Zia to denounce it all and declare Zia as a traitor? Would he also say that by killing the intellectuals on the 14th December 1971, the JI, ICS, Razakars, Al-Badrs, Al-Shams did a good thing? Who is Barrister Nazmul Huda's leader? Professor Golam Azam, who opposed the Liberation War and was a supporter of Islamic Nationalism or valiant freedom fighter Ziaur Rahman, the exponent of Bangladeshi Nationalism? The question is that how is it possible that he makes such an outrageous statement after saying that what Ziaur Rahman and the JI, ICS, Razakars, Al-Badrs and Al-Shams had done during in 1971 was right?
Iqbal Ahmed, On email

Where is Chintito

I look forward to reading Chintito every Friday morning. I find his writings peppered with a dry sense of humour as well as wit and intelligence. He is one of the best columnists in SWM and this past Friday as I read the first line of his column and realised that I would not, in fact, have my weekly treat of Chintito, I was disappointed. However, I was intrigued by the first line in the column, and went on. I have to say that thank goodness the SWM staff didn't substitute Chintito's column with something like "trivia" or a photo op. I would have really felt cheated then. Instead, SWM did the best they could by writing a column giving Chintito readers a alternative treat -- even though I sincerely hope Chintito is coming back next week, I give SWM an A for effort for their creativity and their originality.
KAM, Dhanmondi

Poor Mita

Honestly I feel really sorry for "Mita." I don't know how she does it and I have to give her credit for not losing her temper at half the people who write to her. Are these people serious? They cannot deal with every day problems like not being able to study because they get distracted easily, or falling in love. They complain because they met a member of the opposite sex for a second and fall in love (without getting to know the other person at all) and now their life is incomplete because they are suffering from the age-old sob story of unrequited love? Really my hats off to Mita for standing it. I feel like crying every time I read these peoples' problems -- not because I feel sorry for them, but because people are so self absorbed and whiny, it's ridiculous. My word of advice to them: DEAL WITH IT. Life goes on. It's happened before, and we have all been through it.
A reader, Florida



In last week’s cover story the name of the university Iftekhar Ahmed Khan went to was erroneously stated as ‘East Illionois University’. The correct name is ‘Eastern Illionois University’ . The mistake is regretted.

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