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March 12, 2004

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A Recipe for Success
Imran H. Khan

A range of new items is but a start for Sanjeev Kapoor's Khazana. The 'Master Chef' as he is called, has laid a feast of traditional and exotic Indian recipes for the whole world to enjoy. His latest venture is Khazana, one of the latest additions to the bon-vivant outlets at Gulshan 2.

In the realm of Indian food, Sanjeev Kapoor is a true knight in shining armour. Making his fame through his sensational cookery show on Zee TV Khana Khazana, Kapoor has become not only popular throughout India, but a renowned figure world wide. Born in April 1964, his thirst for gastronomic greatness began at the age of 20. He always had an ambition to bring Indian cuisine to a global audience and his dreams are becoming a reality with each coming day. One of Kapoor's exceptional talent is to present each of his mouth-watering recipe in a fun, easy-to-follow way.

After completing a three-year diploma course from New Delhi's Institute of Hotel Management, Kapoor started his venture into the culinary world working for renowned hotels, both inside and outside India. Sanjeev Kapoor has worked with a large number of prestigious restaurants and hotels in India and abroad, carving a niche for himself in the hearts of most lovers of Indian-food. Winning a multitude of awards, his story has been an inspiration for thousands. Sanjeev Kapoor and his team are responsible for "opening up various fields of hotel consultancy, research on diabetics, research on ancient Indian food and various dot coms." With his goal staring at him straight in the eye, Kapoor has lent his expertise and franchise to restaurants all over and it is through such a venture that Sanjeev Kapoor's Khazana in Gulshan 2 came into being. Not only can we learn Kapoor's mouth-watering recipes, at Khazana we get a first hand taste of what this gourmet chef intends his dishes to really taste like. Starting from a grand three-course meal to something-for-the-road, it's all here at Khazana.

"We plan to introduce new items into our menu whenever there is a special occasion," says Shital J. Bhatt, the Restaurant Manager of Khazana. "We hope that this will attract a new pool of customers all the time. The new items will, of course, be available all throughout and we will introduce more new items, depending upon occasions and taste. This month is the 'Independence Month Festival' to commemorate our glorious Independence," he continues. Next, they are planning some new platters for Pahela Boisakh that is just around the corner. We also try out interesting new combinations of dishes to add a little flavour and spice to them. It is fun to try out something new and see the conclusion of the creation first hand from our clientele's point of view. “As the Bangladeshi spices and taste-buds are similar to those in India,” adds Bhatt, “introduction of new items is always successful. The new items consist of deliciously spicy non-vegetarian recipes, filling vegetarian dishes and desserts. We call Sanjeev everyday and give him reports of all the day's happenings as well as suggestions from our customers. He carefully listens to each one and suggests changes," ends Bhatt.

This month, Khazana has introduced fourteen new items. To name a few there is Saag gosht', which is quite a famous and mouth-watering dish from Punjab, 'Machli ke sule', a fish tikka shaslik on a bed of raw papaya salad, a must for all fish lovers, 'Aachari murg tikka', which as the name suggests, is pickled chicken skewered and cooked in tandoor and ‘Murg pasanda', which is chicken cooked in yogurt based gravy. Among the vegetarian items, is 'Kumbh galouti', that's mushrooms cooked with Indian spices and pan-fried, served with tomato chutney, 'Khatta miths paneer tikka', a sweet and sour tandoori paneer served with mint and yogurt chutney and 'Kadai choley', chickpeas cooked with whole spices garnished with raw mango.

The restaurant itself has a simple, yet elegant look about it. Most of the lighting and decorations are antiques that have been restored to their present state. With a seating capacity of about two hundred people and ample lighting, Khazana caters to a number of needs including buffet lunch, take-away, banquets, out-door catering, birthday parties, anniversary dinners and even home delivery services.

If we are looking for a real recipe for success, Sanjeev Kapoor would have to be one man who has gone through many milestones to be what he is today: one of the finest chefs in the world. His franchise Sanjeev Kapoor's Khazana will continue to bring his mouth-watering and exotic recipes to the people of Bangladesh.




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