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March 19, 2004

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Informative Issue
As a science lover, I would like to thank the SWM for opening a new section named "Time Out" from the 384 no. issue. "Unbelievable Queen Sack" &"Star of India"(by Patzer) was very interesting. I hope this magazine continues to print more such interesting items.
I also loved your cover story this week. These days, violence against women and children is very common in our <>purushtantrik (male-centred) society. We celebrate International Women's Day every year and implement new laws but many women are being oppressed by marriages of convenience. The daily newspapers report of many different types of violence against women such as issues concerning dowry, acid throwing, kidnapping, polygamy, rape, sexual harassment and so on. It is a shame that equal rights have not been established completely.

From the beginning Islam has upheld and defined women's rights and their status in society. However, being Muslims we have failed to establish them in ours. In Bangladesh, there are rules and regulations but they are not administrated appropriately. I came to know that Bangladesh National Women Lawyers Association (BNWLA) has been actively involved in providing opportunities and help for women and children who are victims of violence. I welcome BNWLA's steps. Above all, I would like to thank SWM for selecting this topic for women’s day special.
Md.Abdullah Imran.
Kushtia Govt.University College, Kushtia

Bestial Attempt to Kill an Intellectual
I felt strangulated as soon as I read the news on the brutal attempt to kill Dr. Humayan Azad, a celebrated intellectual. No one can deny the fact that to kill an intellectual is to kill the conscience of a nation. It is an infernal crime, for which the criminals will never be redeemed from -- even through capital punishment. Intellectuals express their invaluable opinions in a nation's hour of crisis. An assassination attempt on an intellectual of any country is a machination to annihilate a nation. Therefore, I ask the law enforcing agency and related offices to take appropriate action against the criminals and to wipe out such diabolic acts from our country.
Kanak Lata Parbati
Sadharghat, Chittagong

Islamic Life and Culture
I'm a regular reader of the SWM, which I admit to be a detailed magazine with outstanding contributions. It was nice to read a reader's demand on the issue of March 5, 2004, to incorporate two pages of 'Islamic life and culture' into your popular magazine. 'Real Islam' is now completely blurred to the general readers, as the so called fundamentalists and the extremists, terrorising under Islam's pretext have made our relationship with real Islam a lengthy process. We don't even know what that is, whereas we're supposed to keep ourselves related to it at every step of our lives. I believe that, with me, thousands of other readers will enjoy reading a page in which Muslim readers will be sending their life related problems, which will be answered and solved by any educated Muslim ALEM (expert) -- of course on the base of the Quran and the Hadith.
Ahmad Raiyan
KGS School, Dhaka

The continuous routine of hartals has convinced me that all the political parties in our country lack patriotism. People have been falling victim to these hartals, which are causing hatred in the hearts of the public. It is becoming blatantly obvious that none of these politicians think about the well being and development of the country.
Azmi Syed

Great Cover!
Marvelous! I'm really impressed with the, February 27 issue of SWM. The best article was the cover story on Bibi Russell --"Weaver of Coloured Dreams ". But I would like to note that nothing is excellent without the sense of individualism. Bibi was an eminent supermodel, no doubt, but by going "back to the basics" -- she has highlighted our weavers. The cover story would be over the top, if it added Bibi's moment with the Queen of Spain, which has occurred recently.
I also feel that along with regular columns, SWM should also add a new column on technology.
Md. Ariful Islam
On email.

On Bibi Russel
Kajalie Shehreen Islam's cover story on 27th February on Bibi Russel, while comprehensive, suffers grievously from misinformation. We are really fed up with journalists swallowing everything claimed by Ms. Russel without checking out the veracity of her claims. No individual, however glamorous, can possibly provide employment for 35,000 weavers. A weaver can make six to eight yards of fabric or four to six gamchas a day. How much fabric and how many gamchas a year does that make for her to market? Ms. Russel got a tremendous start thanks to her work with Grameen Bank when Muhammad Younus introduced her to the weaving villages as well as UNESCO as well as Queen Sophia. Her so-called "first European show in Paris," was, in fact, Grameen's show, "Weavers of Bangladesh," at UNESCO. She should have the grace and honesty to acknowledge Grameen's contribution to her great launch in the world of textiles in Bangladesh.

A number of individuals and organisations have dedicated time, effort and expertise to the development and marketing of Bangladesh's handlooms. Much had been achieved before Ms. Russel arrived on the horizon. The difference is that she has the media hype while the others do the real work. It is outrageous how blatantly she makes her claims and the media swallows them hook, line and sinker. How about doing a little background research yourselves? It is the least you owe your readers.
Saleha Ahmad
Banani, Dhaka

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