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March 26, 2004

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Lets Candle the Spirit

Sanyat Sattar

Our Independence Day represents a watershed in the history of Bangladesh. On this day we remember and honour the many men and women who gave their lives, the women who were dishonoured and the children who lost their lives. We must not let their sacrifices go in vain. We should create a future that stands as a testimony to the inspiring example of all these brave people and try and emulate their courage in the face of incredible odds.




Hridoi Tomar Bishforane (O Heart Explode)
Abu Taher Mojumder
Ankur Prakashani; February 2004

This is a wonderful compilation of poetry written by Abu Taher Mojumder. Social awareness has always been one of the central aspects in his poems and in this compilation the theme seems to be more highlighted and turns to a whole new dimension. The restlessness of time and weirdness of the modern human psyche is very evident here. The poet tries to find out the true faces of those whose souls are very difficult to read and who play the double role everywhere. The poet feels that the spirit of our liberation war should be rekindled once again to wash away all social and mental complication of today's complex-world. At one place he advocates all to rise high and wild like our National Poet Qazi Nazrul Islam. Comfort, country, mother, "Home Sweet Home"--all these synonymous aspects seems to create a more interesting theme than ever before.



Banker to the Poor
Mohammad Yunus
Public Affairs; October 2003

Today, what we really can be proud of is the Grameen Bank, which has become a revolutionary solution to end world poverty. Banker to the Poor is an inspiring memoir of the birth of micro-credit; written in a conversational tone that makes it both moving and enjoyable to read. The Grameen Bank is now a $2.5 billion banking enterprise in Bangladesh, while the micro-credit model has spread to over 50 countries worldwide, from the U.S. to Papua New Guinea, Norway to Nepal. Ever optimistic, Yunus travels around the globe spreading the belief that poverty can be eliminated: "...the poor, once economically empowered, are the most determined fighters in the battle to solve the population problem; end illiteracy; and live healthier, better lives. When policy--makers finally realize that the poor are their partners, rather than bystanders or enemies, we will progress much faster that we do today." Dr. Yunus's efforts prove that hope is a global currency and inspiration is a solution of every crucial moment.




Bir Protiker Khoje (In Search of the Bir Protik)
Anisul Huq
Somoy Prokashani; February 2001

Bir Protik Taramon Bibi fought against the Pakistanis in the liberation war at her village home Shankar Madhabpur in the Kurigram district. She was in Sector 11 under the leadership of Sector commander Abu Taher, Bir Uttam. In 1973 she was titled as "Bir Protik" for her courageous role in the war. Unfortunately she was forgotten for a long time after Independence. This short, but truly catchy piece written by prolific writer Anisul Huq tells about the story how a researcher found this lost brave lady and how she was brought to Dhaka afterwards to get the deserved recognition after 24 years.





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