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March 26, 2004

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Insulted Impetuosity

I was just about to get into a scooter on my way to work when a policeman came and started to have a small talk with the driver. Since I was in a hurry, I asked the policeman what the problem was. He simply replied that he was doing a routine check as most vehicles were being used illegally on the streets. Since the cop was not leaving, I told him to take a bribe from the driver and let the scooter go. He looked shocked and gave me a dirty look and took the scooter driver's license to his 'superior officer', the driver following close by. After a while the scooter driver returned smiling. When I asked him what had happened, the driver told me that the cop had gone to a sergeant and had told him how I had insulted him. The sergeant too felt insulted for the way I had talked against his subordinate's 'honest earnings'. He (the sergeant) was about to come and 'deal with me' when my scooter driver told him that I had a few 'loose screws in my head'. The sergeant was quite forgiving. He took the bribe of Tk.10 and immediately realised the license. I could not but smile at the scooter driver's witty remarks.

AMH, Gulshan

Our Negligence to Law

I was travelling from Kalabagan to IBA hostel through Panthapath early in the morning. While passing the Panthapath crossing, a traffic policeman signalled my rickshaw puller to stop but my rickshaw puller turned a deaf ear to his call. The policeman consecutively came to us and stopped our rickshaw. Next, he blatantly started to swear at the rickshaw puller. I could not say much, him being a law enforcer. After I had learnt at least five new slangs, the rickshaw puller politely asked the policeman why he was being so rude. "Everything will be cool after I give you Tk.2," said the rickshaw puller calmly. "Give the money first and then talk", was the policeman's reply. I watched the whole scene as a silent viewer. I finally saw why even the rickshaw pullers pay so little respect to the words of a traffic policeman.

Md. Jabed Amin (Juwel), Khilkhet

The 'Birdless' Spot

Last Thursday, our school arranged a picnic for us, the SSC candidates. We went to the "Shafipur Anser Camp" in Gazipur. There are about twenty-five tourist spots there and each looking like tiny forests with beautiful names like Topoban, Barsha, Moushumi etc. I was having a great time there but after a while I came to realise that there was not a bird in sight. My friend Nazia and I took a walk, looking about for a glimpse of any bird, even a crow. Not only didn't we see any birds, the whole forest seemed silent. After a long walk, we gave up our hope of finding any birds there. I can't help but wonder what have happened to all the birds in the Anser Camp.

Jafrin Jahed Jiti, V.N.S.



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