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April 9, 2004

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The Latest
Pocket Pcs

HP iPaq H4350

The good: Includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth; built-in keyboard; cradle can charge second battery; high-capacity, removable cell.
The bad: Expensive; larger than an average handheld; corporate e-mail should be easier to set up.
With the H4150 and the H4350, HP has delivered two slim iPaqs with included Wi-Fi. Both have almost identical specs and features, but the latter has a built-in keyboard and ships with a larger, higher-capacity battery. But the trade-off is the unit's size, as it's longer than your standard PDA. For some, that won't be a deal breaker--the H4350 is still slim and fairly light. But in an ideal world, HP would develop a slider-style design similar to that of the Sharp Zaurus SL-5600. That said, this is a highly functional handheld. It should especially appeal to a business customer who can afford the price tag and who works on a corporate campus that's well covered with Wi-Fi access points.

iPAQ h2210 Pocket PC

The good: Compact; dual expansion slots; sharp screen; Bluetooth; consumer-grade IR; removable battery; doubles as a remote control for home-theater gear.
The bad: Not too slim.
One of the complaints people had about earlier iPaqs was that, unlike Pocket PCs from Toshiba and Casio, no iPaq offered built-in expansion slots for both CompactFlash and SD (Secure Digital) cards. Well, HP listened and has come out with the H2210. Though neither as slim nor as affordable as the previous model, this guy is currently the most compact dual-expansion Pocket PC on the market. And its size, performance, and features make it an attractive choice, particularly for users who want the option of adding lots of memory or a combination of memory and a CompactFlash add-on device.

Dell Axim X3i

The good: Thin and light; nice price; well-integrated Wi-Fi; cradle can charge a second battery; powerful processor.
The bad: Lacks Bluetooth; uncomfortable stylus; skimpy software bundle; so-so battery life.
Last year, Dell shook up the PDA market by bowing its Axim line of full-featured Pocket PC handhelds at extremely competitive price points. While the X5 offered a fast processor, dual expansion slots, and great battery life, it suffered from a bulky design and lack of extras. Dell's new Axim X3i addresses those shortcomings with a slimmed-down profile, a fast 400MHz processor, and built-in wireless networking for an affordable price. Once again, the PC giant is presenting a fully loaded handheld for a good price, but those who need Bluetooth connectivity, a more robust software bundle, and a sleeker design may wish to shell out some extra cash for a higher model.

Source: Cnet.com


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