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April 16, 2004

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Another letter
in Urdu
found 10 April 2004


Text of a mysterious letter in Urdu from a mysterious writer found on a mysterious boat M.V….. (name not clear) seen handling dangerous materials in broad daylight:

Bhaiya Alkamus Sapara,
Mujhko bahoot dookh mehsoos hua kyoke aap logone iss martaba pakaar giya.
(Brother Alkamus Sapara, -- name could be fictitious -- I am saddened because this time you guys got caught).

Ayse to mere ko etna fikir nehi hona chahiye kyoke aap to Mushgaloo Pumpa ke marfat mereko purike puri payment dallarme kar chooka.
(Actually I should not be worried that much because you have paid me in full in dollars through Mushgaloo Pumpa -- name most probably fictitious.)

Magar baat ye hai ke ek bhai ka dookh doosra bhaiyee samaj paye.
(But the fact is only a brother can understand the pain of another brother)

Ek bhai ka gardan kaata to doosra bhaika badan se khoon bahene laagta.
(If the head of one brother is severed then blood flows from the body of another brother)

Arj guzar ye hai ke aap iss example ko etna seriously nehi lena.
(My humble request that you should not take this example seriously)

Baat to ye hai, mayne aapke aandaz se jyada sharminda hoo keyoke thorasa galti ke liye ham sab logo ko etna pareshani ho raha hai.
(The fact is I am humiliated beyond your estimation because for a silly mistake we are all having to go through so much harassment)

Thane may rapport likkha giya, inquiry vee chalu hai, akbaar me bakwas bandh nehi hora, Bushka Bara Chamcha (BBC) ulta-pulta sawal poochn raha hai, mamla bahooti garbar ho gaya.
(It has been reported in the Police Station, inquiry is also going on, the garbage in the newspaper continues unabated, Bush's Big (BBC) is asking 69 questions, the case has gone all wrong.)

Us ullu ka patthe aur hushyar ho-nesay aap aramse dus truck maal lekar aapka manzil pauch sakte thay. Hamara bud naseeb situation kuch ulta ho geya.
(Had that donkey of an idiot? name certainly fictitious -- been more careful you could have with ease reached your destination with ten truckloads of goods; our misfortune that the situation was otherwise.)

Aapas may jhagra karna buri baat hai.
(It is bad to fight among ourselves.)

Chumchera Nakusha ka kahena hai ke aap ghaabraiye math. Saab theek ho jaye ga. 1971 ka baad theek ho geya, to ye to samajh li jiye mamooli se baat hai.
(Chumchera Nakusha -- perhaps fictitious leader says that you should not be worried. Everything would be okay. It became okay after 1971, and therefore consider this incident as a very small matter.)

Makbura ke paas aap ka manzil pe aakbaro nomayondo ka nazardari zaari hai. Aap foren Muglai Parathe ka aandar badan chupaiye.
(Newsmen have your house at Makbura -- perhaps name of city or town? under surveillance. You should immediately hide your body inside Muglai Paratha -- sounds like a code)

Is marataba pakar geya to keya hua? Chan saalo se ek truck do truck maal to is line pe ahsani ka baat hai. Khush khabar ye hai ke kooch mahina pahele hum log iss se bhi bara kaam me kamiyaab hua tha.
(So what we got caught this time? For some years now one two truckloads of goods has been easy on this line. It is a matter of pleasure that we were successful a few months back in a bigger job.)

Mongu ke saath hamara jaang jaari rahega. Shikalika yaad rakhiyega.
Our war against Mongu? coded person or group or country -- will continue. Remember shikalika? coded ideology or person.)

Ayenda koo faal bagayer doosra jetty dhoondiye.
(In future look for jetty other than koo faal? sounds like 'bad results' but most probably a reference to 'CUFL')

Michka ka saath taallook formaiye.
(Establish relationship with Michka? coded, perhaps an influential person.)

Ooska pata note kar li jiye. House….
(Please note down his address. House? -- paper torn at this place)

Hamara Urdu ka liye maafi maangta hai kiyoke aap to jaante hai main Baangal hoo.
(I seek forgiveness for my bad Urdu because you are aware that I am Bangal speaking.)

Phir milenge hum dono.
(We shall meet again)

Aapka behooda golam.
(Your useless servant)

(Illegible signature)

STOP PRESS: In a major raid authorities have arrested a local fisherman called Michka from the vicinity of the crime. 745 personnel took part in the drive.


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